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  1. The DUDE

    Looking for a CHEAP home recording solution?

    Don't mean to spam, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Musicians Friend is selling Tascam US-800 USB interfaces (8 input, 4 output) for $99 (MSRP is $369.99). And it ships with Cubase LE4. This + computer + mic = all you need to record decent tracks. Can't beat that for $99...
  2. The DUDE

    What innovations would YOU like to see in guitar building?

    All of these anti-Firebird X threads are ridiculous. :laugh2: I think most of us (except Sentry) agree that the Firebird X is a flop - but at least Gibson is thinking outside the box. Instead of being so negative and bashing all of Gibson's efforts at innovation...let's see what some of...
  3. The DUDE


    Guitourist (git-ture-ist; noun): One who visits a music store to play several different types of guitars with no intention of buying any of them. Stay tuned for next year's "word of the year". So who likes fried bologna sandwiches? Dennis?
  4. The DUDE

    Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010 (lots of pics)

    These are some of the pics I took yesterday at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. I'm going to post quite a few, so please try to refrain from quoting the pics. I'll save the best for last....:thumb: AXL guitars: Italia guitars:
  5. The DUDE

    A NOTE that is both SHARP and FLAT...

    Anybody else ever get a papercut while reading a letter?

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