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  1. lespauled

    Most versatile tube amp?

    For the most flexibility, you have 2 choices: - Randall RM100, 50, 20 - Synergy Both of these are modular options, and are fantastic options to get multiple sounds out of your amp. The Randall RM series have up to 3 preamp modules (RM100). If you already have an amp you love and want to...
  2. lespauled

    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    I would hole a baseball bat upside down, and act like I was Ritchie Blackmore.
  3. lespauled

    NGD Goldie...

  4. lespauled

    Two hundred and fifty two scales to learn.....

    I wrote a web application a few years ago, and haven't updated it in years, but it still works. Just select the root note and then the scale you want, and it will display the notes all over the fretboard. There are some...
  5. lespauled

    String Brands....

    Since I found out about them, I have been using Cobalt 9s. To date, once initial stretching was done, they are the most stable strings I have ever had. ,I have never broken a string while playing.......but I did break 2 G strings while stringing my George Lynch ESP with a reverse headstock...
  6. lespauled

    Conditioned my fretboard

    I've used Dr. Ducks for decades. Still have my original bottle of it. Very little goes a long way.
  7. lespauled

    I'm in love with an import Marshall

    I played one and was amazed at how great it sounded. Congrats!!!!
  8. lespauled

    How Do You Decide to Sell a Guitar?

    When I sell a guitar, it's not a hard choice. When I'm done with a guitar, for any reason, I'm done, and someone else will get a great guitar. I never sell a guitar with problems. I fix any problems as they arise, so none of my guitars have any issues for very long.
  9. lespauled

    After 39 Yrs. of Playing Music, I Get My 1st '80's Hair Band Guitar!

    Awesome guitar!!! Have you checked out ? It's all Kramer owners. These guys have amazing knowledge of everything Kramer.
  10. lespauled

    Songs or Albums That Depress You

    I don't know if it depresses me, or just scared the living shit out of me when I had kids, but Cats in the Cradle still hits me every time I hear it. Because of this song, I made sure I was ALWAYS there for my kids.

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