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  1. CheopisIV

    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    I can't remember the last time I had a sale? So why not have one now! Let's go 27.5% just for kicks. Code at checkout is: HomeSchooled I do have more products coming soon, P90s and Jazzmaster most soonest and thinking of bridging into P-bass laterish this year to compliment the Jazz Bass...
  2. CheopisIV

    I haven't bought a pedal in ~7 years... (heresy). I come back and buy a !!!!

    Freaking tuner. Tuna. Big Tuna! No, a tuner. I have an old Fender tuner on my board that's done well for a long time, but the input jack is broken and I need to fish it out every time I unplug the cable. I could just open it up and replace the jack, but I want shiny. I figured it's time to...
  3. CheopisIV

    Couple new Videos

    Some new vids from a customer showcasing the Holy Grail '59 set and Black Magic set. Enjoy!
  4. CheopisIV

    ~ Sigil Pickups ~ Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 25%

    It's the end of November and we all know what that means... mad rushes of stampeding people looking for discounts while frothing at the mouth. Well this weekend you can froth at the mouth online without the risk of being trampled! Now live on the website is the BLACK FRIDAY...
  5. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ Operation Single Coil Expansion Phase 1

    Jazzmaster. Coming Soon to a Sigil Pickups website near you. I never thought I'd be getting into these but a request from a guitar maker for a specialty product has set the ball rolling. More to come when time permits.
  6. CheopisIV

    Whats Old is New Again! 25% Sale through June!

    I'm getting old... 41 this June 30th!! Still feel 14 most days though :p Time for an announcement and a Sale! Meat and Potatoes; 25% off Coupon Code: Bluesman2019 The garnish: I've launched a new site as am splitting the Sigil Vintage Series and Sessions Series pickups to their own brand...
  7. CheopisIV

    ~ Sigil Pickup ~ 30% Discount with a Twist

    I'm opening up a different kind of sale today. This one is geared toward a fundraiser that I've joined; the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. The ride is a 200km round trip from Calgary to Sundre in Alberta and takes place over 2 days in August 2019. Details of the sale: I want you to donate...
  8. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ Recent Website Issue

    Hey folks, I recently messed up my website on an update and had to rebuild from an older database dated early Jan. If you placed orders from Jan 10 to Feb 3 2019 then your account will need to be re-registered. I thought I'd been in contact with everyone but had an email today from a...
  9. CheopisIV

    Any Zwifters here?

    Just signed up a few days ago, still 3 days left in my Trial but I'll be going all in. What is Zwift? It's an indoor cycling (and running) program/MMO video game where the work I do on a bike translates to work done in the game. I can unlock outfits, bikes, bike components and gear and level...
  10. CheopisIV

    Anyone Selling Sigil Vintage Wire Holy Grails?

    Odd question I know but I have a guy on my Facebook page that seems quite keen on getting his hands on a pair. I have my keeper sets but they're not going anywhere... anyone who bought some thinking of selling? PM me your email and I'll pass it on to this guy. I know nothing about him aside...
  11. CheopisIV

    Merry Xmas from Sigil Pickups (25% off)

    To celebrate the holidays, we're offering a 25% discount coupon code for the next week. Expires after the ball drops on the 31st! 25% off everything on the site and all you have to do is wish us a Merry Christmas!! So simple. Code : MerryXmas at checkout Click Santa to go to the website...
  12. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ Black Friday/Cyber Monday 25% Event

    Title says it all! Everything on the site is 25% off through Monday. Humbuckers, Tele, Strat and Jazz bass goodies. Coupon code: SomeDeals Custom jobs also an option, just get in touch.
  13. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ "Snakebite" Bonamassa Set Released

    I've been working on these since my first days winding, not the Snakebite set in particular but something Bonamassa-ish for my tribute sets as he's one of the biggest reasons I got back into guitar those years ago. I'd tried a lot of different things but nothing was working out so I kept moving...
  14. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ Tone Review Vintage/Modern Strat Set

    Tony from Addicted To Gear did up a video for a custom set of Strat pickups. The Bridge pickup in this set is listed under the 'modern' style selector box but Tony's is a bit hotter than the standard. Anything is possible though so if you need something different get in touch. Available at...
  15. CheopisIV

    Reverb Advice

    I haven't bought or built a pedal in ages, but I'm getting the itch to try a new Reverb. Currently I have an EHX Holier Grail that's been in the box for a few years and a Cathedral that's had permanent residence on my pedal for for those years. I'm looking for smaller footprint and neutral...
  16. CheopisIV

    What demo next? Page VS Kossoff

    VS Working together with Jacob (VisualGuy on Youtube), we're running a poll for the next Demo vid for Sigil Pickups. This time, it's Kossoff VS Page. Cast your vote on Facebook or if you don't have Facebook, you can also vote on the Sigil Pickups Website, bottom of main page. The poll...
  17. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ Payment Plan

    I first started the Payment Plan with the Holy Grail sets to ease the burden of purchase but I want to let people know it's an option for ALL Sigil Pickups and products. Terms: Get in touch and put a deposit on ANY Sigil product. Minimum $50. Make further payments at your convenience in...
  18. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ Project Vintage Strat

    Some of these are old pics and date back to 2015, but the project is now finally underway. More details as I go. Stay tuned...
  19. CheopisIV

    ~Sigil Pickups~ A Story in Tone

    I've been winding since 2014 but messing with pickups since ~1998. My first guitar, a 1980 Univox Deluxe (Les Paul clone). I first put copper to bobbin in late 2013 after reading Barnaby's thread that outlined a decent and simple looking method of winding pickups. I saw a used pickup...
  20. CheopisIV

    The Taxman Cometh....

    It's business tax time and this year it's a smorgasbord of old movie Soundtracks keeping my mind fresh. Playlist so far: 1) Big Fish 2) Euro Trip 3) American Pie 4) Lost Highway 5) Sweet November <- Whaaa? How'd that get in there? 6) The Crow 7) Carrie 2: The Rage <- Best ever for tax season...

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