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  1. Braciola

    1999 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Gorgeous!

    * Please shoot me a PM if you have any questions 1999 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Wine Red Guitar is in great shape. Just some light, normal playwear you'd expect from a 22 year old guitar. Some small dings, light scratches, light worming on the back, and a small spot on the back next to the...
  2. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  3. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

    2001 Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Excellent condition Plays/ sounds beautifully Upgrades include - Calaham Vintage Bridge Dimarzio Noiseless Area 58 /58 /61 Tortoise Pickguard Gilmour length Trem Arm Frets are in good shape (just a little wear on the first few) Includes the Fender/ G&G...
  4. Braciola

    '97 USA Fender Telecaster

    Really nice condition for it's age. I've owner this Tele for many years.. Even though I'm a Les Paul guy, I always wanted a great playing/ sounding Tele around. Truth is, I'm just not playing her much these days. Upgraded with Sperzel locking tuners. Frets are in good shape/ just some minimal...
  5. Braciola

    DR. Z MAZ 18 NR MK.II - Blackout

    I really don't like calling any used piece of gear Mint, but this is as close as it gets. Incredible sounding amplifier! Only reason I selling it is to put together some funds for a Dr. Z CAZ-45. Includes - Footswitch/ Boost, Power Cable & Warranty Certificate. Will ship well packed in the...
  6. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  7. Braciola

    MGL AmpWorks MGL20

    MGL AmpWorks MGL20 20 Watt Single Channel 2204 Master Volume Circuit (2) 6V6 Power tubes & (3) 12AX7 Prereamp Tubes Incredible sounding amplifier! BUILD SPECS: Black powder coated .090 aluminum chassis w/ welded and ground corners Custom USA made power & output transformers First 2 tone caps...
  8. Braciola

    Big Pedal Sell-Off!!!

    Prices include Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) & PayPal • Solidgold FX Rosie - $135 Mint Condition Non Original Box • Alexander Equilibrium - $145 Mint Condition Includes Original Box & Instruction Sheet • Fulltone Fulldrive 1 - $85 Mint Condition Includes Original Box, Instruction Sheet &...
  9. Braciola

    2021 Granger M50 Plexi

    Mint/ As New! 2021 Granger M50 Plexi (ordered with the upgraded black turrets board option) • Ken Fisher’s Type II designed PPIMV • External bias adjustment • X-Gain (Push-Pull on normal channel) • Zero Loss Ultimate FX Loop As some of you know, I'm a die hard vintage Marshall enthusiasts...
  10. Braciola

    Marshall JCM900 2500 MKIII

    Marshall JCM900 2500 MKIII The Marshall JCM900 series usually gets a bad rap, but not all JCM900's are created equal. The Dual Reveb versions certainly leave much to be desired. The SLX versions definitely sounded much better, but the MKIII version is the one to get (if you can even find one...
  11. Braciola

    2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional pro II Floyd Rose - Merlot

    Gorgeous guitar. Shes is great shape, but does have a few small dings/ nicks on the back. I hand picked this from quite a few Floyd Rose Les Pauls back in 2014 (including a couple of much more expensive Axcess models), and this one just felt right. Pardon the Cliche' but she plays like Butta...
  12. Braciola

    Friedman Dirty Shirley 40

    Mint condition. Never gigged. Still has the hang tags on the handle. Ordered the gain structure switch kit directly from Dave and had it professionally installed by my tech. Includes original box & packing. Incredible sounding amplifier. Only reason I'm letting her go is I just ordered a Dirty...
  13. Braciola

    WTB - Marshall 2061CX - 2X12 Cab

    Looking to buy a Marshall 2061CX - 2X12 Cab. Please shoot me a PM with info, and please include price.
  14. Braciola

    1996 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Iced Tea/ Honey Burst

    Great shape! - just some light playwear you'd expect from a 25 year old guitar- minor dings, light worming on the back, light scratches. Gorgeous guitar - not sure if the official color on this one is Iced Tea or Honey Burst. As nice as this guitar looks, it's an absolute tone monster. I mainly...
  15. Braciola

    '06 Gibson Explorer

    Great shape! - just some normal playwear you'd expect from a 15 year old guitar- minor dings, light worming on the back, light scratches. Plays & sounds exceptionally well. Beautiful fretboard grain Frets are in great shape Weight is 8 lbs 6 oz on a digital postal scale. *note - strap button...
  16. Braciola

    USA G&L S-500 - Gorgeous!

    Late 90's USA G&L S-500 Excellent condition (just a few minor dings & light scratches) Really great sounding/ playing instrument Well cared for Weight is 8 lbs 2 oz on a digital postal scale Includes original hardshell case * Trem arm was misplaced so is not included Price - $1050 Shipped...
  17. Braciola

    Gibson Limited Run Shred Les Paul Studio - Floyd Rose - Price Reduced!

    2012 Gibson Limited Run Shred Les Paul Studio - Floyd Rose Guitar is in great shape. Just some normal playwear - some minor dings, light surface scratches, and 2 tiny paint chips at the bottom of the trem spring control cover. This guitar is super resonant with a well balance tone and really...
  18. Braciola

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  19. Braciola

    Aiken Intruder - EL34 50 Watt Plexi/ Metal Panel

    Incredible sounding/ built amplifier! Features include: All-tube signal path. Preamp tubes are 12AX7/ECC83. Output tubes EL34 Rectifier uses massive 3 amp 1000V ultra-fast recovery diodes (FREDs) for the utmost reliability without the RF noise “spikes” inherent in standard rectifiers. Front...
  20. Braciola

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