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  1. Syn

    Jcm 2000 silver anniversary dsl

    I owned and gigged a DSL50 for many years. I owned one of the early british made ones. They're versatile and loud. Mine sounded fantastic, however, volume 1-2 at home was loud enough... 3-4 was practice room level, 5+ was getting silly. 7+ doesn't really get much louder at that volume (adding...
  2. Syn

    String gauge vs. staying in tune, tone

    I've always used 11's on my LP. I play in drop C# so the heavier bottom keeps tension well and the higher strings have a nice chunky thick to them. I've never had an issue with tuning stability. Once they're on and stretched it stays in tune, generally, until they come off again.
  3. Syn

    >>>> Need a grunge style AMP +- $1000....Recommend one...... <<<<

    JCM2000 DSL paired with a couple of V30's and a TS808 will get you anything! It won't break the bank so you could even get a great Chorus pedal for grunge-y cleans and leads.
  4. Syn

    Mark V vs Dual Rec vs JVM410h vs Roadster

    Mark V out of your choices. Have you also considered a 5150/6505?
  5. Syn

    NAD Peavey 6505+ Combo

    I have mine boosted with a Tubescreamer going into 2 V30's. It's a beast! Congrats!
  6. Syn

    NAD: It was free!

    It's the best price!
  7. Syn


    The Alchemist is a MIC amp but it isn't the Line 6/Bogner amp that has a bad rep, that was a whole different amp, the Spider Valve I think it was called. I have owned an Alchemist for just over 2 years and haven't had one issue with it. Sounds great and has some great features. I'm not crazy...
  8. Syn

    Good Deal? DSL50 Content

    I had a DSL50 that I sold for a JCM900 SL-X. I now own another DSL50...
  9. Syn

    I want an 70's/80's metal amp that does it all for the price of a Happy Meal. Help.

    Marshall DSL. A used Jet City JCA22h may also suit your needs.
  10. Syn

    Possible problem with new amp

    Do you have your cell phone in your pocket or in the room? The signal received and emitted by it will cause this issue in any type of amp/speaker set-up. If so, this may be why walking around the room sometimes remedies the problem.
  11. Syn

    NAD Class 5!

    HNAD. Looks like you can cover a lot of bases with your collection!
  12. Syn

    Npd, baby!

    Awesome! HNPD!
  13. Syn

    Gear Acquired this Christmas?

    I got a Rocktron Chameleon pre amp and a Rocktron Gainiac 2 pre to run through my new Marshall 8008 power amp in stereo. I'm happy with my other rigs so thought I'd ask the wife to build me another...
  14. Syn

    Help Me Choose An Amp!! (Help)

  15. Syn

    Zakk Wylde OD pedal - model difference?

    The ZW pedals (older) didn't have he switch it was just the GT-OD which was constructed on the same PCB and was switchable to the ZW. The Classic OD also had a switch for 2 different circuits. The new one (top picture) may have a switch, but not that I've read or heard about. They sound good, I...
  16. Syn

    multiple New Pedal Day and my first gig pedal board.

    The other option would be to tape a stack of picks under the heel of the crybaby at the desired height. This way you can tap it on, heel it back to your limiter and leave it there. Or you could take the circuit out of the box, put it in a stomp box enclosure and put a knob on the pot. MXR do...
  17. Syn

    multiple New Pedal Day and my first gig pedal board.

    The KFK Q Zone may be a good one for you. It would fit the look of your board and gives you a Crybaby fixed wah tone without the risk of knocking it 'on the fly'.
  18. Syn

    Vote here! Digital or analog delay..

    I have a Carbon Copy and a Flashback on my board. Both for different things, but I couldn't imagine giving one of them up.
  19. Syn

    Mike Ness Tone at home

    I have an AVT50 combo that was my second amp in my first few years of playing. Great sounding versatile amp but not a full tube amp (it is a solid state power section). I needed a 4x12 to move enough air to play with a band.
  20. Syn

    NPD. Boogie Box. Am I the first one on MLP to get one of these? haha

    Have you had much time with it yet? First impressions?

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