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  1. Actinic

    Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta (PS4/Xbox/Steam)

    It's brutal, man. Do you spend most of your time in the Dark Zone? Welcome to the Gank squad and heavily armed enemies. This is one of the only shooter games where it can take over 50 rounds to down an enemy. I got my copy of Ghost Recon Wildlands and Mass Effect Andromeda at discount. Not sure...
  2. Actinic

    Vintage Pron Star Quiz

    I've seen a lot of porn stars dancing live. Christy Canyon was one of the best, and knew how to pole dance. She could wrap her mammaries around my pole anytime. While we're remembering stars of the past, weht to Lisa De Leuuw? Reputed to have died of Aids, but the rumor has been challenged...
  3. Actinic

    Sweden Reinstates Military Draft

    The Swiss have a simple solution to conscripts who are unfit for military service. These young men (who do not serve) have to pay an extra 3% tax for a number of years. Perhaps Sweden could pass the same law. Try getting this law, or even a mandatory draft reinstated in the US. The privileged...
  4. Actinic

    Music is NOT a Meritocracy (Language NSFW)

    Everybody is a critic.
  5. Actinic

    The Beatles were over-rated...

    And my vote would be neutral. I would not underrate them next to their peers. The Beatles position in history is cemented by great albums such as Revolver and Sgt. Pepper. Yet, they have created juvenile stuff as well. We will see in a few centuries if the Beatles are held in high esteem like...
  6. Actinic

    Pornography Kills

    The deceased could have gone for help. Lots of sites claim to treat porn addiction. Top signs of addiction include answering Yes to these questions: 1. I'm a guy who can't stop masturbating. 2. My spouse just caught me...
  7. Actinic

    Confirmed: Healthy eating and going to the gym is bad for you.

    I knew the diet and exercise craze was a hoax when their leading proponents died of the very diseases they claimed they could avoid.
  8. Actinic

    The Beatles were over-rated...

    It's kind of fatuous to say that without the Beatles, pop music would never reach the pinnacle of acceptance. First, the Americans invented both rock and the blues, not the Brits. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Little Richard were already established in the pop music world prior to the Beatles...
  9. Actinic

    89th Academy Awards

    Were there any wardrobe malfunctions? Nope? No need to tune in, nothing to get turned on about. Glory days are gone. For everything. No more Key Largo. No Grapes of Wrath. Just the excesses of Mar-a-Lago and Beverly Hills.
  10. Actinic

    I have no patience for people who won't learn how to use their tools.

    Rule number 1 for husbands married to a klutzy wife: Don't let her borrow your tools. They end up like this: I have nightmares dreaming about her borrowing my expensive tile cutter or table saw, and leaving them out in the rain, or failing to clean them after a big job.
  11. Actinic

    Phil Collins, hes still got it.

    I liked him as: His music and drumming were fine too. The man was a triple threat.
  12. Actinic

    She Takes My Money

    She takes my money When I'm in need She takes my money She's on the deed She takes my money I have no weed Newest member of the gold digger deep pocket rippin' off females is Robert de Niro's wife, Grace Hightower.
  13. Actinic

    Serious Question/Matter:Wills

    No matter how qualified your attorney is at wills and estates, the will could still prove to be inefficacious. This means your wishes did not get carried out as you desired. There is the matter of probated and non-probated assets. You can pass some assets to your beneficiaries outside of...
  14. Actinic

    My department is going to Glocks.

    Is this really true? I thought that detectives and patrol officers had to qualify on the shooting range with a certain score. I know that shooting a moving target is much more difficult than a moving one, but are the bad shooters that unqualified? Why don't they equip the bad shooters with laser...
  15. Actinic

    Just Discovered The Jason Becker Story

    The greater guitar community responded to Jason's needs over the years through ebay auctions. There may even be a few famous musicians who have donated to his medical care. EVH shows he cares. It's not about the big bucks and fame. This makes me appreciate some in the profession more than...
  16. Actinic teenaged son had his first fender bender today............

    It was the truck driver's fault. He should have seen the approaching teenage driver and got on the bullhorn to warn your son, "SLOW DOWN DUDE. YOU'RE GONNA WRECK YOUR DAD'S CAR. CA-CHING." Anyway, don't treat this a no-harm-no-foul event. Make the kid pay off part of the repair costs.
  17. Actinic

    MLP Hijacking proof..

    I don't find the ads to be offensive at all. Amazon, Netflix and big name companies show up in the side banners. If the pop-up below showed up, I might be worried. Mal, what would you do? If I were alone in a hotel room, and the young lady were on another floor, who knows what my response...
  18. Actinic

    Need a New Mattress... leaning towards Latex or...

    Make sure you give any mattress you intend to buy a sniff test. Some foam mattress smell horrible and can give you a headache for months. Tempur-pedic is no exception.
  19. Actinic

    Kurt Cobain would have been 50 today

    The claim is that he shot himself. What if the shell were a dud and he managed to live? Would he be alive today or would he have attempted suicide a second time? The man was obviously depressed. Given his uneven relationship with Courtney Love, you have to wonder if his depression would have...
  20. Actinic

    Clyde Stubblefield, RIP (James Brown's "Funky Drummer")

    Hit the One, Mr. Funky Drummer. Even after watching the mini-instructional video below, I am amazed at the complexity and rightness of Clyde's technique. They say he was one of the most sampled drummers in the history of music. No explanation...

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