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  1. Tonyd145

    I won't be BCRGreg much longer.

    Good luck to you Greg, already follow on the book of faces and the Instagram. Always enjoy the pics you share of the magic you work.
  2. Tonyd145

    Headstock conversion. (Not a Gibson fanboy)

    More like a Moose Knuckle.:rofl:
  3. Tonyd145

    The Moderne - Holy Grail of Vintage Guitars

    This is gonna be killer. Don't think I've hit the watch button faster on a thread.
  4. Tonyd145

    Gregory Koch and his Sasquatchian Lockdown Jams

    Love The Gristle Man, one of the best pickers out there!!
  5. Tonyd145

    Band Saw

    I've used a small 9" Skil bandsaw that got me through 9 builds. Just tried to cut an Explorer body out and it's no dice. Finally bit the dust. I'd say look for the best deal you can afford, look at ratings, and get the best you can.
  6. Tonyd145

    Cherry Strat Build

    Neck looks fantastic, much like the body, carving the neck is my favorite part of a build. Thank for the update, strange times indeed.
  7. Tonyd145

    Farming work out?

    I'll throw my hate finishing card for sure. That and fret work are the two things that I would farm out every build if I could. I once decided that I would have someone local finish one of my builds, after he quoted over $500 for black and clear coats( with the guitar being completely ready for...
  8. Tonyd145

    Finished Aged junior burst

    I seen this on a build group on Facebook, didn't realize it was you. That thing looks too good.:applause:
  9. Tonyd145

    Please share your kit builds...don't be shy...please.

    I didn't run into any problems, they built the neck and tweaked it so it was perfect as far as fit and angle. Frets needed a little work, but that's to be expected. Of course I did the finish sanding to get it ready to finish. I bought all the hardware to use. If I remember right the total cost...
  10. Tonyd145

    Please share your kit builds...don't be shy...please.

    This is my first kit build from BYO guitar. Just used the body and neck from the kit.
  11. Tonyd145

    First Two Guitar Builds, 5 Years Later

    Not sure what your local guy would charge, but I inquired a local guitar builder(Kansas City) about finishing a build for me with a nitro top coat. He quoted me $300 for a black finish with nitro top coat. I really couldn't afford that, so I do the color with wipe dyes and use Stew Macs wipe on...
  12. Tonyd145

    Need some help. Bridge posts hole

    Already done the deed. Thanks for your input, but the fat lady has sung so to speak.
  13. Tonyd145

    Need some help. Bridge posts hole

    Ok, well I went to my local Mom and Pop Hardware store(rather give them my business than the other chain stores) picked up a 7/64 drill bit and 4mm-0.70 tap. Came home and set it up on my drill press and it worked out great. Tapped the hole by hand and used some wax on the threads of the post...
  14. Tonyd145

    Need some help. Bridge posts hole

    I've never experienced any problems with using the stud and bushing style of bridge. Used the same Gotoh on all my builds with the exception of the Stratocaster and this Flying V. Like I posted earlier, that this is the first time using this type.
  15. Tonyd145

    Need some help. Bridge posts hole

    Yes I seen the diagram SM provides. I've just tested some on scrap piece of Mahogany and I'll use the double nut trick to drive them into the hole by hand. Thanks to all the replied. I just thought I'd ask the question because I know several of the awesome builders here in the Luthiers Section...
  16. Tonyd145

    Need some help. Bridge posts hole

    Im building a Flying V and I'm to the point I'm placing the bridge. This is the first time I've used this type of Tune-o matic with the small post instead of studs and bushing. Got the bridge from Stewart McDonald and they don't list what size hole to drill. Also does the post thread into the...
  17. Tonyd145

    Spot Leveling Frets...

    Looks like it would work well. It's way over priced even for StewMac.
  18. Tonyd145

    Post Guitars You Built

    Rip, it was the first time I used it, it was ok to work but if I had to describe it, the routes left the edges " stringy" . Not the smoothest sanding wood IMO. I'm not sure I'll be building another guitar out of it again. I've recently found a good seller of Mahogany that I'll be using.
  19. Tonyd145

    Post Guitars You Built

    Just finished this SG, Spanish Cedar body with Mahogany neck. This is my 6th build, still encounter mistakes but I'm a lot better at recovering now as opposed to before. Sorry for the poor pic quality just taken with an iPhone.
  20. Tonyd145

    New Magnum Build. Not Pointy :-)

    Chris, You really nailed the finish on this one, easily rivals PRS for shear beauty. The whole build is awesome. Thanks for sharing your talent here.

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