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  1. Exluthier

    New Cab, Avatar G212 Vintage

    Merry Christmas to me. Picked up this cab off of Craigslist for basically half price. There isn't a scratch on it. 20151231_161623 by ozimandius00, on Flickr It came with Eminence Legends, but it looks like they were a model specifically made for Avatar (Cab is rated 50 watts). The guy who sold...
  2. Exluthier

    Celestion G12C-30. Anyone else have these oddballs?

    I have a Valley Arts 4x12 cab that came with these in it. They look like this They are not the Hendrix greenbacks that came out a while back. I haven't been able to find much info on them but it seems like that they came out in the 80's in certain Marshall cabs, were universally reviled, and...
  3. Exluthier

    My band's first album

    Hope this is the right section for this. Thought I'd share the first group of songs my band has recorded (Album seems like an outdated concept these days, but I use the term for convenience). Right now they're only available on youtube, eventually they'll be available for digital download and...
  4. Exluthier

    WTB Stone's Music Link Strap extra links

    Does anyone have extra links for this strap to sell? I need 1 or 2 to lengthen the strap that I have.
  5. Exluthier

    Got to play with some old 12ax7s today

    I recently got a hold of some old tube radio amplifiers which, after inspection gave me a handful of Mullard tubes and one telefunken. I've never really played around with tubes before so this was a little exciting and a bit nerve wracking for me. I'll tear a guitar apart no problem but I'm...
  6. Exluthier

    Refinish/ rebuild for my first Tele

    Here's a project that I've been working off and on for a while now as time allows. This was the first electric guitar I built when I was an apprentice. Times and tastes change, I'm a much different player than I was when I built this eleven years ago. The original neck was a one piece maple...
  7. Exluthier

    Custom wound Guitar Force Neck Pickup

    Okay so I decided to take advantage of Kevin's awesome promotion a little while ago to snag a neck pickup for a project tele I have going this summer. Okay so here's some particulars. This pup is based on a PAF that I pulled out of a pedal steel guitar and have used in various guitars for...
  8. Exluthier

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Buddy Guy 1989 audio only

    This is from a bootleg recorded on Buddy's birthday. YouTube - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Buddy Guy - Worry, Worry
  9. Exluthier

    Jeff Beck to Honor Les Paul with Two Iridium Jazz Club Shows

    Well at least it's something. I bet it's going to be a hell of a show. Gibson and Jeff Beck to Honor Les Paul with Two Iridium Jazz Club Shows
  10. Exluthier

    Customized Guitar Fetish Tele control plate

    I like LP three way's much better than the stock fender so here's what we end up with. Pots and switch courtesy of Jonesy.
  11. Exluthier

    Not your usual "Other" Gibson: A Vintage Pedal Steel

    So here's an odd ball. A '60ish Gibson 6 string Pedal steel.
  12. Exluthier

    Fender Bassman help

    I was thinking of having my Bassman modded so I opened it up to see what the inside looked like because it looked like it had been modded in the past. (Two unused extra holes in the chassis). Anyway this is what the interior looked like and it seems something has been done to it but I'm not...
  13. Exluthier

    Help with a recording

    This is my first time trying to record something with this little camera that I have. Been trying to get together with some bands recently but they all want recording samples first, anyway I just wanted to see if this record with decent quality. Unfortunately I only have laptop speakers to...
  14. Exluthier

    Motorcycle I painted.

    I'm bored so I thought I'd post pics from a paint job I did just after Christmas. I'm working on the frame at the moment but that's not as much fun as these.

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