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  1. xroadie_jim

    Cool YT Guitar Channel Today's Pick - 59' Burst

    Yeah, that's what I heard (or didn't hear) as well. Kind of one dimensional, I prefer a real test drive exercising the tone and volume controls a bit...
  2. xroadie_jim

    SOLD - Wizz pickups for sale

    Wizz pickups, zebras with Wizz rings and covers. Great sounding pickups that look awesome, sold my r8 that I had these installed in. $350 shipped PayPal
  3. xroadie_jim

    Historic guys...where are they now?

    Some of us have made the step to vintage, once I did that I sold my R8. Just stopping in to see if it has resurfaced...
  4. xroadie_jim

    Contemplating a Vintage Junior in the near future....Any advice?

    Its my craigslist ad. I've been a member here for awhile, just haven't been posting lately. Check out my history... :-)
  5. xroadie_jim

    Contemplating a Vintage Junior in the near future....Any advice?

    Still looking?
  6. xroadie_jim

    NVGD - 56 Jr

    I used 7/8" bushings from a historic to replace the 1/2" ones in my 55 Jr., I think it was a better choice then the long 1" vintage length. No drilling involved, just press in. To explain... I put 1" bushings in a R8, so I had the 7/8" laying around.
  7. xroadie_jim

    '57 Junior

    Today's exchange 6000 AUD = 4549.24 USD
  8. xroadie_jim

    56/57 Conversion

  9. xroadie_jim

    56/57 Conversion

    What is with that serial #? I have seen pictures with the numbers not looking correct, being smudged on application. But that first digit does not look like a six to me.
  10. xroadie_jim

    Is this a real '55 GT ?

    Nice photo documentation in the ad...
  11. xroadie_jim

    New Bridge

    If you cannot source something in the U.K. then Mojoaxe is your best bet here in the states. They make great stuff (a wrap tailpiece with a compensation ridge cast in) and Dan is a pleasure to do business with.
  12. xroadie_jim

    FS: Gibson Custombuckers VOS

    PM sent
  13. xroadie_jim

    Keith Richards

    Yep, I remember too well. Took one look at John Lennon with that Ric standing there looking cool as s**t and said to myself "that's what I want to do". Still trying to this day!!!
  14. xroadie_jim

    Vintage Guitar Horror Stories?

    This - from the Craigslist ad 1956 Les Paul Jr in very good condition, has original dog ear P 90, pots, bumble bee cap, pickguard, nut, finish. Tuners are recent vintage Kluson replacements and tailpiecec is recent Mojoaxe nickel plated alum, compensated for better intonation. Nice C shape...
  15. xroadie_jim

    1952 GT at Guitar Point

    16,750 euro = 18721.48 usd today...
  16. xroadie_jim

    Les Paul Jr. nvgd

    "This thing took a vicious fall." Dang, that looks like Pete Townsend helped that "fall".
  17. xroadie_jim

    Les Paul Jr. nvgd

  18. xroadie_jim

    Les Paul Jr. nvgd

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