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    Jescar fretwire made by Ferd Wagner

    In Case anyone is interested I came across this Which leads me to believe that Jescar fretwire is made by Ferd Wagner in Germany, so for any luthiers in Europe it might be easier to obtain similar wire to Jescar in Europe. There could be a good...
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    CNC guitar stuff

    Hello Chaps Alex Navarro is doing a new cnc guitar building video and needs some likes. i've bought some of his previous videos and found them to be useful. Anyway here's a link. Cheers Andrew
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    Kluson tuner specs

    Hi All I was wondering if the string holes in the original kluson tuners on 1957-1959 les paul were higher on the shaft or were the shafts a bit longer? I ask this because using Gotoh Kluson style tuners and the original thickness headstock the hole on both the E strings is almost below the...
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    What about a luthiers(guitar makers) joke section starting with--

    How many guitarists does it take to change a light bulb. Answer 100 one to change the bulb and 99 to talk about how good the old one was!! Cheers Andrew Ps some joker at the weather office here in Austria said it was going to warm up today -7c this morning
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    Here's one I just made

    Hello Chaps Here's one I just made. Sorry about the crappy photo it was done with my mobile in a rush as the customer turned up early. Cheers Andrew
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    Correct Lp Model logo Silk screen size?

    Hi All Has anyone the vintage correct les paul model logo file or at least the correct dimensions of the logo for 57-59 lespaul. I just spent the weekend photoshoping a scan from a magazine article but comparing it to over photos the size seems out. Any help gratefully accepted. Cheers Andrew
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    Easy Serial numbers

    Hi All If anyone wants to make easy serial numbers for guitars try getting some hobbyline foto transfer potch. You can transfer any laser print onto a laquered or even direct onto wood. Works fine with laquer overcoats and blends in perfectly. FOTO TRANSFER POTCH Products 150ml jar should...
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    music-electronics-forum down??

    Hi All I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know what's happened to the music-electronics-forum ? Cheers Andrew Ok it's back up again Phew!! Andrew
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    wonky tuners on late 50's LesPauls

    Hi Has anyone noticed that the G tuner on a lot of the les pauls in the beauty of the burst book are not very symetrically fitted when comparing with the d tuner on the other side. I just wonder if it's my eyes the photo or they really are a bit wonky. Cheers Andrew
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    great curly maple for sale

    Hi Chaps If anyone around is loaded, check out this offer. Curly Hard Maple Lumber Instrument Grade Mostly 7 inches Wider 8 ft Longer | eBay I'm still drooling Cheers Andrew
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    how wide is the Les paul 1958 neck blank between the wings

    Hi All While waiting for my plans to arrive, can anyone tell me how wide the neck blank is between the headstock wings? Cheers Andrew
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    Accurate 59-60 les paul body width ?

    Hi All Does anyone have an accurate width size for a 59-60 les paul standard, I have seen between 12.75 - 13 inches, I was wondering if anyone has the measurement or an original handy that they could measure. Cheers in advance Andrew
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    Accurate 59-60 les paul body width ?

    Hi Does anyone know what the correct width of a 58-60 les paul standard is. The stewmac plans are apparantly wrong while the Duchossoir gives the width as 12.75 inches. I´ve tried printing J.Cattos plan out and that comes out to about 13 inches, a les paul deluxe I have comes out at just under...

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