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  1. fatb0t

    Les Paul, Reaper, a few Fosters tall boys = This tune

    Hey guys, Just wrapped up this tune, been working on it for a few days. Give me your feedback on it, I don't think it's done yet and it definitely needs vocals. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Testing Dystopia - YouTube
  2. fatb0t

    Recording live situations

    Hey guys, I have a question for your infinite wisdom! I want to record a full band in a live situation, so we have 7 mics for the drum set, one for guitar, one for bass (or go direct), and one for vocals. So we need a total of 10 inputs with phantom power for XLR mics. I want to get this...
  3. fatb0t

    When you have white hair will you be this cool?

    YouTube - Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss (cover)
  4. fatb0t

    $1200 bucks for an effects pedal?

    1990 Come on, I know those are sort of collectible being the original model but 1200 BUCKS?! This dude is hallucinating.
  5. fatb0t

    Maximize the space on my pedalboard please

    Hey guys this is my pedal board (sorry for the blurry pic, I'll try to re take one tonight: I feel like there is a ton of wasted space on the board but I can't rig it up any other way with this new 5way looper I got. Do any of you have suggestions as how to maximize space and efficiency of...
  6. fatb0t

    Bands on facebook

    Hey, If you guys got bands on Facebook lets be friends. Funktion Jungle | Facebook Add us please. We'd love to check our your tunes and add you as well.
  7. fatb0t

    Political debates on MLP

    Political debates on MLP near the fourth or fifth page of the thread turn into: YouTube - Don't argue with an ibex
  8. fatb0t

    Loop Master

    After a long exhaustive service I've finally found the pedal I was looking for. It always bothered me that I can't reproduce the tone I have at home while practicing on gigs or rehearsals. I use guitar rig at home and most of my patches use a variety of effects. Say my lead tone might have a...
  9. fatb0t

    Blues Saraceno, do yourself a huge favor and give this a listen

    This guy is unbelievably underrated and surprisingly unknown: YouTube - Blues Saraceno - "Rabbit Soup" ENJOY
  10. fatb0t

    New Ozzy album available on myspace in its entirety

    Enjoy: Ozzy Osbourne on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  11. fatb0t

    Gary Moore - Red House

    Everything about this video is incredible. YouTube - Gary Moore - Red House (Hendrix Cover) - Wembley Arena 04
  12. fatb0t

    Garycolemans Casket

    (originally from digg)
  13. fatb0t

    This explains why children end up

    they way they end up!!! Watch this video: Guess What Happens Next - Bad Mom Strips for Kids | Tosh.0 | Comedy Central
  14. fatb0t

    Would you hire a house cleaner if she cleaned in the buff?

    Seriously, a woman in Nebraska seems to think a lot of people would. I wonder what she looks like. US woman sets up naked cleaning business - Yahoo! India News :eek2:
  15. fatb0t

    Robert Johnsons original recordings at wrong tempo?

    According to this article Robert Johnson's original tracks were sped up by the record company. When you speed up the RPM of a record doesn't it change the pitch of the audio? Robert Johnson revelation tells us to put the brakes on the blues | Music |
  16. fatb0t

    Getting fired for being too attractice? Pics inside

    That's Debrahlees problem: Debrahlee Lorenzana
  17. fatb0t

    Kiss and GC unsigned band contest

    Looks like Kiss teamed up with GC to give local unsigned bands a chance to open up for Kiss in their given city. Looks like Kiss is coming to Wantagh NY which I happen to live close to! If you never checked out my band please do: Funktion Jungle if you like us please click this link and...
  18. fatb0t

    The popsicle stick guitar

    Check out this guitar made out of popsicle sticks! WOW
  19. fatb0t

    Like Les Pauls? Here's some tracks with them!

    My band Funktion Jungle just wrapped up two songs, "Agent" and "Pleasure Island". I used a Gibson SG Special and a Gibson Les Paul Standard to record them. It was an interesting recording process, we did the vocals, drums, and bass at a studio and I did all the guitar tracks at home using...
  20. fatb0t

    PA Systems

    A lot of guys here at MLP play out a lot so this question is for you. My band recently left a studio we paid for monthly for a basement home studio. The only thing the studio doesn't have is a PA System. Now I've been looking into PA systems and have come across a huge variety.... I have a...

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