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  1. Tonyd145

    Need some help. Bridge posts hole

    Im building a Flying V and I'm to the point I'm placing the bridge. This is the first time I've used this type of Tune-o matic with the small post instead of studs and bushing. Got the bridge from Stewart McDonald and they don't list what size hole to drill. Also does the post thread into the...
  2. Tonyd145

    Wondering If These PAFs Are the Real Deal?

    I have a Tokai Firebird that I bought 3 yrs ago. The previous owner told me he had it routed for humbuckers, it had previously had mini humbuckers. I've been thinking of putting minis back in it. When I bought it the owner told me it had Gibson pickups in it, I really didn't think much of it at...
  3. Tonyd145

    Firebird cavity cover not fitting now

    Thought I'd ask you guys if you have any solutions. I rewired my Tokai Firebird. After I was done I tried to screw down the cavity cover and the jack is sitting too high for the cover to sit down in the route all the way. It wasn't like that with the original wiring in it. I don't have the old...
  4. Tonyd145

    Cavity cover not fitting

    I rewired my Tokai Firebird today. It had alpha pots, etc... I put CTS Pots, Switchcraft switch and jack. Got it all done and went to screw the back cavity cover down and noticed it isn't seating all the way down. Guess my question is are import jacks shorter than a Switchcraft jack? I know how...
  5. Tonyd145

    NGD:2008 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

    Just picked this up a couple days ago. Traded a guitar I never play for it. 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Honeyburst Plaintop. It's in absolute excellent condition for a 7 year old guitar. I think it spent most of its time in a case. Doesn't seem to have a real thick poly coat like my other...
  6. Tonyd145

    Tokai Firebird

    Just picked up this from a local semi pro musician. It's a 90's Tokai Firebird. Been routed and Gibson 57 classics put in. Also wiring upgraded. The previous owner put a Gibson truss rod cover on it. Also came with a nice Gibson case. Seller was completely honest about it being a Tokai from the...
  7. Tonyd145

    New Guitars Day x3

    :naughty:Ive scored 3 new to me Epi's and here they are. 2014 Epiphone EL-00 VS Acoustic, traded an amp I wasn't really using for this beauty. 2012 Epiphone ES-339, been wanting a Semihollow and this one came up on my local Craigslist for a good price so I snatched it up. 2005 Epiphone Les...
  8. Tonyd145

    Finally struck Gold!!! NGD '56 Goldtop

    Well after a long time really wanting, gassing, and dreaming of one. I have finally bought a 2014 Epiphone Les Paul '56 Goldtop. Got it from Musicians Friend, Ordered it the day after Christmas and received it this afternoon. Straight out of the box I'm very happy with everything about this...
  9. Tonyd145

    Itching for something with P90's

    I'm in the market to get another guitar. I currently have a couple of humbucker guitars, so I'm looking at getting something with P90's. Been looking at the Epiphone Special 1 P90 but I wanted to get some opinions of the quality of them in general. They are around $129. I should also mention...
  10. Tonyd145

    NGD 2004 Epiphone Dot

    Well I went out to the local Guitar Center to have a look at the used guitars they had. I went looking to pick up something with P90's. Didn't find anything to my liking but seen this ebony beauty up on the wall and pulled her down to see how she felt. :naughty: Plays good, looks good, and...
  11. Tonyd145

    Gas for a 56' Epi Goldtop

    Hey all, not sure if there is a thread that goes into this. But why isn't Epiphone making Goldtops with P90's anymore? I've been looking here in my neck of the woods, and I've never seen any on Craigslist or in the used sections of Guitar Center or Musicians Friend here locally. To me it seems...
  12. Tonyd145

    Upgrading my 1999 Epiphone Les Paul

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to upgrade my guitar and wanted to get some opinions. I've already ordered a 50s wiring harness and selector switch & input jack from Jonesy. And getting ready to place an order with Stewmac for a Graphtech Nut, tone and volume knobs, Gotoh Keystone Tuners, V & T...
  13. Tonyd145

    Epi Goldtop repaired headstock

    Hey guys. I'm thinking of buying this Epi 56' Les Paul on Craigslist in my area. The seller has it listed at $250. The guitar has had a "professional" headstock repair. IMO it doesn't look like a very good repair. What do you guys think? I haven't seen the guitar in person just pictures posted...
  14. Tonyd145

    deadening note on my Les Paul

    Wanted to ask a question, maybe someone knows what's going on with my guitar. I have a 1999 Epi Les Paul that I bought used, played and then slackened the strings put it in its case and put it under the bed for a little over a month. Well I took it out today, tuned it up and started playing it...
  15. Tonyd145

    NGD for me. 1999 Epiphone Les Paul

    Just bought this 1999 Epiphone Les Paul today, got it from a guy on Craig's List on the cheap($200),not sure on the model, has Gibson on the truss rod. Plays pretty good, sounds ok. Need to get it setup and maybe do some upgrades. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks. Sorry the pic quality...
  16. Tonyd145

    The Beauty of the 'Burst

    I just received my copy of "The Beauty of the 'Burst" in the mail today. I've only looked at half the book so far and all I can say is "wow". To touch, hold, admire so many Burst. Beautifully photographed Les Paul's, the most sought out guitar on the planet. Anyway just wondering if anyone's...
  17. Tonyd145

    What to do with 2011 Gibson Les Paul

    I Recently bought this 2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional from Guitar Center used about 4 months ago. It has a 50's neck profile that is really too big for me to play. I know if I try to trade it in on another Les Paul with a 60's neck they will low ball me on what they give me for my guitar. What...
  18. Tonyd145

    high E string slippage

    Needed to ask you guys if it's common. I recently got my first GIbson Les Paul, it's a beautiful guitar,to get to my point I've noticed my high E string sometimes slips off the side of the neck, I thought these newer guitar had the PLEC system that cuts the nut perfectly. The guitar is a 2011...
  19. Tonyd145

    Using the Forum on my IPad?

    Wondering why I can't choose pics to use in my profile while on my IPad? The option is not available to choose to use a pic from my album on my profile, nor can I choose pics I have on my IPad to use on my profile. I am a premium member. Thanks
  20. Tonyd145


    Trying to post pics from my IPad on to the site, I don't see an option to choose pics from my library. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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