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    Epi 2020 Crestwood Custom?

    Anyone put their hands on one of these? Rare as hen's teeth in stores around here & I'm still hesitant about in-store demoing. Wondering particularly about the mini-HBs, neck profile, & "Tremotone" stability.
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    Who's polished their Epi 1959?? Good, Bad or Ugly??

    There's a few random posts scattered in those massive threads, so thought this might be a place to consolidate the topic. I'm 50:50 on the stock matte/faded VOS finish on my Dark Aged Cheery Burst '59, and had thought a little about taking it into a semi-gloss state closer to the Gibson VOS...
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    New 2021 335/339 headstock vs pre-2021 difference(s)?

    I have a 2018 339 Pro, and was wondering how different the neck profile and headstock shape are compared to the new 2021s. Anyone got a pic showing the headstocks side-by-side? I gather that the 335/339 neck profile have changed to slightly chunkier, but none locally to check out.
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    1959 Epi Les Paul Standard weight(s)??

    Now that we are getting more of them in our hands, I thought it would be interesting to see the weight distribution. I think I scored with my aged dark cherry @ 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs) -- pretty good for a non-chambered body!!
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    1959 LP Standard Outfit pickup mounting ring issues

    Rather than burden the two mega threads on this guitar, this is focused on the mounting ring issue... My local brick & mortar store finally got in two '59s so I could see/play them in real time, as I needed to check the neck profile before jumping in. THe neck is wonderful, but... Yikes...

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