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  1. 80smetalhead

    If you had to pick only one position ....

    What’s a neck pickup? I thought that thing up there was for purely decorative purposes. ;)
  2. 80smetalhead

    For those who have ordered from the Gibson CS

    I ordered a ‘68 LPC re-issue. Was told it would be two months, then 6 months and now who knows? So now I’m hoping to get it in time for my 63rd birthday. Unfortunately though I’m only 45 years old.;)
  3. 80smetalhead

    How Long Has Gibson Chambered Les Paul Customs and Why?

    Totally ok if you prefer the chambered sound. Just not my cup of tea. Grew up listening to a lot of non weight relieved Les Pauls and how beefy they sounded so I guess that tone is what’s stuck in my head lol
  4. 80smetalhead

    How Long Has Gibson Chambered Les Paul Customs and Why?

    Thanks for the insight! Feel free to add any additional comments and facts. Funny that they have used that wording to position 9 hole relief. As a Marketing exec I shouldn’t be surprised lol
  5. 80smetalhead

    How Long Has Gibson Chambered Les Paul Customs and Why?

    I was just about to pull the trigger for a new LP Custom when I read in the description that it had “Strategically Placed Chambers”. That made me pause...I didn’t know that LP Customs were chambered rather than being solid or 9 hole weight relieved. When and why did this start? Chambered...
  6. 80smetalhead

    Looking for a great 1x12 combo

    Will this work?
  7. 80smetalhead

    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    That’s a nice color too
  8. 80smetalhead

    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    I take really good care of all of my guitars so I wouldn’t call any of them full on beaters. Actually just sold 5 guitars to help fund a new Custom Shop. One of them was what I refer to as a beater for Epiphone Twisted Sister Les Paul. So I’ve been using my 2008 Charvel So-Cal with...
  9. 80smetalhead

    What is the deal with pristine closet queen guitars?

    I’m very careful with my gear because I want to be and because I may sell it at some point. And a lot of us don’t need to get loaded or drink at all as part of our playing music or shows. My #1 is my beloved 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard who has been used at many gigs including the Fillmore SF...
  10. 80smetalhead

    Ok I’m officially grounding myself from guitar shopping . Another NGD/incoming

    That’s a nice looking guitar. Too much red for me as I like a plainer tobacco top but no denying that it’s a beauty. And I’m for any guitar that inspires a player to get their Ace on as that’s who inspired me to play. Congratulations and enjoy! :applause:
  11. 80smetalhead

    Guitar Nut

    Mine was cut too low on my first Gibson LP Standard so I replaced it with a bone one. I’ve also had to do the same with other Les Pauls I’ve owned since then. I’ve always just considerd the additional $$ to have a good nut installed to be part of the price of admission to own such a great guitar.
  12. 80smetalhead

    Gibson Les Paul Custom or Axcess Custom?

    Been looking at both the Gibson Les Paul Custom and the Les Paul Axcess in Ebony. I was going to buy the Les Paul Custom in Ebony until I saw that they now make an Axcess in the same color. I never considered getting an Axcess before because I didn’t like the previous colors. While I like the...
  13. 80smetalhead

    Will hanging a guitar by its headstock damage it?

    I’ve had a lot of my guitars on hangers for over 20 years with zero damage to the neck or finish. I use Hercules locking hangers...they work great for me.
  14. 80smetalhead

    Show some of your Marshall Amps(stock or modded or Clones)

    I’ve actually been downsizing my Marshall amp collection...this is all I have left. ;)
  15. 80smetalhead

    Talk Me off the Ledge

    I always replace the pickups, nut and switches on my gigging Epi’s. They stay in tune and sound a lot better but still can’t compare to the real thing. Not even close.
  16. 80smetalhead

    Talk Me off the Ledge

    I have a couple of Epiphone’s that I use in my ‘80’s band when we play in shadier clubs. I play my Gibson Les Paul Standard or even my R9 when we play at better clubs. Do you see what I did here? :dude:
  17. 80smetalhead

    Marshall Mini Jubilee 20W

    I love my Studio Classic. When I’ve used it at gigs with my Friedman Overdrive pedal it easily gets me into metal territory. If I need to clean it up I just roll back the volume knob. Real men only need one channel ;)
  18. 80smetalhead

    Signature Models

    I’ve bought a lot of signature models through the years. Some as investments, some because I like the artist, the look or the specs or as a combination of any of the above. I don’t understand the snobbery some people have for them. Every one I’ve acquired ( with a couple of exceptions) have...
  19. 80smetalhead

    Tuning Issues

    I’ve changed the nut on every Gibson Les Paul I’ve owned to bone. Never had a tuning problem since.

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