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  1. caveman1989

    Should I trade my G0 + SG Standard for a 57 LP Custom BB RI?

    Hello "Les Pauleans", I would like to see what you think on this. A buddy of mine is offering me to trade his 2011 Les Paul Custom 1957 Black Beauty Reissue (3 Pickup version) for my 2016 G0 + my 2013 SG Standard, I love Black Customs!, but I'm not sure if It's worth giving another Historic + a...
  2. caveman1989

    2018 Les Paul Classic p90 vs 2013 Firebird V

    Hello everyone!, I hope you guys could help me out on this topic. Well I need some advice and I found that this is the best place to ask for it. Right now I have two main guitars that I love, a PRS Ted McCarty 245 DC (which is a total keeper and my Number 1) and I recently got one of these 2018...
  3. caveman1989

    Gibson Les Paul Classic 2014 nut question...

    Hi Everyone, i've just got myself a used 2014 Les Paul Classic, it plays and sounds delicious, but recently i've noticed that it seems that maybe the nut has been replaced?, if so, could any of you identify this and how can I tell if it is a better nut that came from factory (tektoid) or a cheap...
  4. caveman1989

    My band's new EP

    Hey guys!, me and the boys just released our new EP It was recorded entirely with a Gibson Les Paul Special (Seymour Duncan JB bridge / 57 Classic Neck) matched with a Marshall DSL15H and a G&L Rampage matched with a Jet City JCA20H Our youtube channel: Soundcloud...
  5. caveman1989

    Found a pretty rare Gibson Les Paul rectangular case

    I'm new to this community so first thing first, Hello to everyone. So, I came across this case for my Les Paul Special, I haven't seen any Gibson case like this one before, and I'm pretty sure its genuine since its made in Canada, do any of you know something about this rarity?

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