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  1. xroadie_jim

    SOLD - Wizz pickups for sale

    Wizz pickups, zebras with Wizz rings and covers. Great sounding pickups that look awesome, sold my r8 that I had these installed in. $350 shipped PayPal
  2. xroadie_jim

    Four Amigos Nashville (Franklin) TN Guitar Show

    Okkkk, is this one going to be any good? Should I make the drive up from Atlanta??? Thanks...
  3. xroadie_jim

    Teachers Pets

    I sure wish I had learned on one of these back in the day. My first "good" guitar was a borrowed 1967 Fender Mustang, don't let anybody fool you, those things were junk.
  4. xroadie_jim

    Correcting Les Paul Junior Stud Lean - Best Solution?

    Okay... Took a risk on a 1955 Junior with some stud lean. Some of you most likely saw it on fleabay. After looking around and playing a number of various years and various conditions I decided to roll the dice. What I got is all original with a fair finish (I have seen much worse)...
  5. xroadie_jim

    Killer Blackface Champ on Ebay

    Check out this "killer" Champ for sale... 1965 Fender Blackface Vibro Champ Amp Mint Vintage | eBay
  6. xroadie_jim

    Beater 62 SG/Les Paul on EBay

    Here is your chance.... 1962 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard Project Husk Vintage 711106011110 | eBay
  7. xroadie_jim

    Long Tailpiece Studs - Stick em in!

    Having seen numerous references to the use of long tailpiece studs on 50's LPs I thought I would give some a try. I thought I would install them on my tpro first and see how that went then install some on my r8. So first a call to Lonnie at CreamTone - I ordered the studs for my tpro and the...
  8. xroadie_jim

    Back to the Future :Part Three - Getting out of Nashville

    The ongoing saga of the conversion of my Traditional Pro into a Historic continues. Why??? The guitar plays great and is a spare 8.5 lbs. So far its had Lindy Fralin P90s installed along with CTS 550k pots and some 50's caps. Faber bridge and inserts and a light weight aluminum tail piece. I...
  9. xroadie_jim

    True to your LP? Or do you cheat on her/him?

    We all love our Les Pauls, that's why we are here. But are you faithful? Have another partner? Or just pick up anything with six (or seven, eight, twelve or even four?) strings...
  10. xroadie_jim

    "Thars flame in that gold(top)!" Or Back to the Future Part II

    As related in my original post : p90 Les Paul - Back to the Future, I have been trying to recapture the sound and feel of my first Les Paul (a 1972 "58 reissue"). The guitar, loosely based on a 54, was a wrap tailpiece p90 that had been refinished from a burst(?) to cherry top. Absolute love...
  11. xroadie_jim

    p90 Les Paul - Back to the Future

    So I had a 72 reissue with p90's in the late 70's. First Les Paul, loved the way it played and sounded, sold it for rent (boo-hoo) at a desperate time. Fast forward forty years, find a "deal" via ebay on a Les Paul Tribute. Wellll... pictures can be deceiving. Get guitar, what? No binding, color...
  12. xroadie_jim

    What is hanging on your living room wall?

    Alex C. - Since I couldn't buy your '54 this will have to do...
  13. xroadie_jim

    Champion 600 makeover

    Having got "So Over" amps that are too loud when getting "that" tone. And too heavy to move from room to room (especially up and down stairs), I have settled on the mighty Fender Champion 600 (reissue) as my weapon of choice. With a little work - grille cloth, caps and maybe a speaker they can...
  14. xroadie_jim

    Vintage 1952 Les Paul on Ebay - sold $500.00

    Anybody else see this? The seller (0 feedback) appeared to do a couple of other Les Paul sales for unbelievable prices. All with same "abandon wife needs money story"

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