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  1. Joeydego

    Uploading photos icon not working on iOS

    Most recent iOS on iPad. Says drop image or click here and nothing happens.
  2. Joeydego

    Just wanted to share this with the community

    This went from dead air to finished video in less than 72 hours, and would have been in under 48 hours if Premiere Pro didn’t keep crashing my damn computer On a positive, I’m really happy the way my workflow is coming along. In 48 hours I had to: write something dial in guitar sounds play...
  3. Joeydego


    Have had a casual infatuation with this song for some time. Decided to get it tracked. drums: Superior Guitars: Knaggs DR> Friedman BE100>Fryette power station>DAW. Bass: Ibby 5 string> AxefxIII Vocals: Slate mic> the wife :run:
  4. Joeydego

    Dont call us, We’ll call you

    Cover Of a forgotten classic rock tune. guitars: Knaggs Doug Rappoport into Friedman Phil X 100w head into Fryette Powerstation into DAW. Can’t remember the IR I used but it was 4x12 ish. Bass was Ibanez 5 string into AxeFXIII. Vox were the steven slate mic. Drums toontrack superior
  5. Joeydego

    Please recommend tools and glue for this repair

    Figure I’ll need a clamp or 2 and some glue, but not sure exactly what. Links would be awesome and some explanation too. Truss popped the fingerboard off from the body to the heel. Thanks!
  6. Joeydego

    Helix Vs Fractal Vs Headrush

    check out my in depth review. Ended up keeping the Helix and Fractal.
  7. Joeydego

    Cobra Kai

    any fans of the karate kid? Cobra Kai on youtube is better than it should be. 10 episodes wrap up season 1. Check it out.
  8. Joeydego

    Volume pot failure

    So, wondering who does their own LIGHT electrical work on their guitars? (I don’t think on a guitar there are life risking wiring jobs anyway). Buying a soldering iron and have a volume pot coming in the mail. I had a failure at a gig and really need to keep up on maintenance. Some tips would be...
  9. Joeydego

    Was someone looking for me???

    Kindly link thread and any jerkoff comments below. Someone told me over in the cesspool of social media I turned up missing around here. Evening gentlemen. And harmony.
  10. Joeydego

    any Framus love around here?

    I Have something cooking, just wondering.
  11. Joeydego

    2018 NAMM was a BLAST!!!!

    For real. Those of you who haven't been to NAMM, FIND A WAY. This years NAMM was absolutely off the rails. They added a hall for more pro audio and recording gear. I had a few pretty awesome things I attended including: A very exclusive event to a private performance from Eric Johnson, with him...
  12. Joeydego

    Cant believe this one hasnt sold yet

    Stumbled on this in the classifieds This is a GREAT price for one of the original signed, hand wired versions of this head, and it is to me the best of the Friedman line. Someone needs to snatch...
  13. Joeydego

    Knaggs Doug Rappoport Kenai

    I've been playing almost exclusively Knaggs guitars for about a year and a half now. I recently acquired a gorgeous Doug Rappoport signature Kenai and its the best guitar I own, period. Check it out
  14. Joeydego

    bad reaction to a bee sting anyone??

    So, at work on thursday I got stung by a bee right in the middle of my left palm. I've been stung before and it hurt a minute or 3 and then all was fine. This time? Holy shit, my hand swelled up, hurt like the devil and I took some benydril to kill the itching. Had a gig last night and had to...
  15. Joeydego

    Great Gig Last Night!!! (Warning: Slashtone Content)

    Had a really good gig with my band Rock Kandy and Constantine Maroulis last night aboard the majestic princess which sailed out of Weehawken, NJ. Its a fun cruise, sails around the statue (of liberty, for you Iowans). Anyway, we sold out (255) right before the gate closed which felt good. At 35...
  16. Joeydego

    Communal showers. Why?

    I mean what the hell are designers thinking? We're going to line 12 men up 6 in a row stark naked to shower without even a hint of privacy. Shit just put someone in there to hose us down like cattle. Who here has endured the communal shower, and did you think it was a bit odd??
  17. Joeydego

    Are you willing to temper your convictions and opinions for the sake of friendship?

    So, in my typical sandpaper on ass fashion, I ran my mouth publicly stating I feel anti vaxxers ought to remove themselves from society if they're not concerned about public health. I wasn't speaking to a friend who saw the post and she was very hurt over it and it has now probably damaged/ended...
  18. Joeydego

    I insist my Chihuahua dress for dinner

    So we have an ongoing dispute at home. Missus Dego is off all summer so naturally she's taken the housework on and has been preparing the meals. For a reason even unknown to me I insist everyone be dressed for dinner. Her in a nice pair of pumps and the Chihuahua in his tuxedo. You'd think I...
  19. Joeydego

    It's Friday!!!

    Anything good happening around here?
  20. Joeydego

    Listening to a little Anne Murray this morning

    It's like every good songwriter went off the side of a cliff in a mass suicide and took dynamics with them sometime around 1980. The joys my kids will never know......they'll snap to grid, quantize, pitch correct and sample replace. Once upon a time, you had to BRING IT. Everyone had to. The...

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