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  1. D W C


    I have seen Gibson specs on theses 2015's. Can anyone offer any mores thoughts on this subject. I am awaiting one to arrive. Will post pics when received. Just inquired for Titanium nut and Gibson answered within 2 hours. Say they are sending replacement. Very good. Thank you.
  2. D W C


    Item # 263582800311 Fake Traditional on Ebay from Ontario Canada . I have reported it and asked Ebay to check it out. Also sent message to seller. 2014 with a 2006 Serial number. What a joke. Please someone else report this too before someone gets ripped off.
  3. D W C

    Is THIS for real?

    I searched online and can not find this Gibson anywhere. I was going to bid however something did not seem right. Is this a real serial number to those who have the KNOWLe DGE? Please check my pics , thank you DWC.
  4. D W C

    The Paul 78-79-80-81-82

    I have a few of these. I need help. Does anyone know what size fret wire was originally in these Gibson's? I need to refret two of them right from nut to stearn. Thank you in advance for the answer and yes I did my google and could not figure it out.

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