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  1. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: 1999 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst LOADED with upgrades

    PRICE IS $425 PAYPAL SHIPPED Here's one from my personal stash. 1 owner guitar bough in early 2000 from Saul at Centre City Music in San Diego, CA. Made in Korea Epiphone Les Paul Standard in HCS with a VERY gradual fade into a beautiful amber color in the center. The top is better than most...
  2. Fiftywattmafia

    ALL SOLD: Boss Waza Craft Analog Delay DM-2, Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Wah, EP Boost

    Will post pics very soon. $100 shipped on the Cantrell Wah. Incredible wide sweep. No box/papers but in perfect shape only used at home not gigged. No smoke or pets near it. Has the feet attached and comes as it did out of the box. Definitely 5 years old or so. Going VERY bare bones with my...
  3. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: Awesome Custom 1x12 cab Silver Jubilee scheme! $175!! Mint.

    Going dirt cheap on this one loaded with a 16ohm U.K. Made Celestion V30 broken in. Same dims as an Orange PPC112 and styling. Silver bronco Tolex with Marshall checkerboard grill cloth, black piping and metal side handles. Closed back and this thing thumps! Pair it with tons of heads including...
  4. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: Boss Chromatic Tuner Pedal TU-2 excellent shape $25!

    Boys, Just thinning out a few things. This was my longest standing piece of gear dating from 2001 bought new at Guitar Center. I downsized to a TC mini tuner. Just sitting on the shelf 100% fully functioning with a few paint chips but overall very clean not beat. Mostly home use a few shows...
  5. Fiftywattmafia

    WTB: Looking for Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice #10 Tom Scholz

    OK here is a long shot but if anyone has any leads or has one that would be great. Yes, this is the "red headed" step child of the Collector's Choice Series. They are available, right now a what I believe to be obscene prices. I'd like to find one and pay the correct price. My...
  6. Fiftywattmafia


  7. Fiftywattmafia

    WTB: Anyone got a G0? Let me know!

    Looking for a G0 not super concerned with original, COA etc. just let me know what you are looking for $$ thanks! Mark
  8. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R8 2016

    $2950 PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY, CASH LOCAL OR BANK CHECK. $3050 Standard PayPal. FedEX INSURED SHIPPING INCLUDED. NO TRADES, thank you! 2016... It is in EXCELLENT condition with no digs, wear, or marks of any kind.... with all paper work, Gibson Custom Case, Custom Shop T-Shirt XL, as new...
  9. Fiftywattmafia


    SOLD thanks
  10. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: Jim Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Custom Wah Pedal

    Pics in a bit. Excellent shape. No box or papers. $100 PayPal/shipped. Killer vocal wah. Looks great, sounds great.
  11. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: Seymour Duncan Antiquity JB and Jazz set, Bare Knuckle Pickups Holydiver set

    Two sets here of hotrodded greatness: NO TRADES SALES ONLY Set #1. IN original box with all original materials. A great set of JB/Jazz in zebra with great aftermarket pickup covers (of unknown origin but the look and fit great, neck has the cover soldered on and the bridge is uncovered but...
  12. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: 2016 Gibson Custom Les Paul Standard Historic R8 HUGE top as new

    2016... It is as new with all paper work, Gibson Custom Case, Custom Shop T-Shirt XL, as new. No play wear, scratches (except on the pickguard...and it came that way...they are not visable just light surface stuff) 8lbs. 13 ozs. VOS finish, lightly aged hardware (STOCK) Faded washed Cherry...
  13. Fiftywattmafia

    Gibson Custom Montana "The Firebird" Acoustic Guitar

    $1650 paypal and shipped! Had a very slight top hairline crack that has been expertly repaired by Authorized Gibson repairman Paul Neri of Clinton, CT. He does amazing work. Has had a setup, fret level and is playing perfectly. Some slight weather checking around the Gibson logo and artwork...
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  15. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: Pickups...ThroBak DT102 MXV, OX4 Hot Duane's (SOLD), BKP Holy Divers (SOLD)

    Forum brothers and are my three very, very best sets of pickups that I have to liquidate. My car is truly on its last legs 120,000 plus miles and my dream replacement has been found so I've got to lower the amount of the loan and get that payment as low as possible. So going with...
  16. Fiftywattmafia

    SOLD: Dismal Ax Redbird DC Figured Cedar Top Boutique Les Paul Junior

    SOLD ON REVERB Redbird DC #1211 figured red cedar top, salvaged yellow poplar back. walnut neck with osage orange laminates and fretboard 25″ scale, 22 frets 2 humbuckers compensated stoptail bridge sperzel locking tuners I've had...
  17. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: DGN Guitars Paragon '59 Special single cut Boutique Les Paul NOW $1050!!!

    I'm going to FedEx tomorrow to ship an amp and a few pedals...why not add the guitar in tomorrow your address!! NOW $1050 paypal/shipped!!! Let's go. OX4's sound amazing and are over $300 alone. No trades Killer high end Custom built guitar by an outstanding luthier from right here...
  18. Fiftywattmafia

    1961 Epiphone Wilshire and other "affordable" vintage guitars?

    Anyone on here know anything or have opinions on Kalamazoo made Epiphone guitars, specifically the Wilshire with symmetrical horns and dual P90's? Here is a nice, clean example that is available likely in the mid 4K range with the original case. Traditional style headstock...not the batwing...
  19. Fiftywattmafia

    FS: DGN Guitars Paragon '59 Special single cut Boutique Les Paul

    Killer high end Custom built guitar by an outstanding luthier from right here in Connecticut. 1 piece Spanish Cedar body, 1 piece Spanish Cedar neck, beautiful dark Rosewood fretboard, OX4 Humbucker PAF bridge and P90 neck. Incredible clear, versatile and toneful guitar that you can play...

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