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  1. belleswell

    The Backing Track of the Month Threads (BTOTM)

    Reciprocating "likes" would be nice. Songs of a more realistic length For me to grab my guitar and start playing to a bt , I have to feel it. Some bt just do not instill that need to pick up the guitar and starting playing. The melodies in my head from a good bt are there from the start...
  2. belleswell

    May 2021 BTOTM

  3. belleswell

    Post a cool picture.......

    Recent pics Uh-oh ________________________________________________________________
  4. belleswell

    April 2021 BTOTM

    Thanks kind Sir. I appreciate that. It's standard tuning. Mostly 2 tracks, but toward the end I added a 3rd that probably should not be there. Angry Gnome preset was a bit over the top toward the end.
  5. belleswell

    April 2021 BTOTM

  6. belleswell

    March 2021 BTOTM

    Thanks so much Gadafi. The whammy stuff was Satch inspired, although I still think there is too much of the second track in the mix. I used the whammy dt for not only the dropped tuning, but also for the 1 octave whammy jump. I use the whammy a lot for dropping the pitch. My seven string...
  7. belleswell

    Post a cool picture.......

    Strike a Pose The male wood duck is nibbling the neck of the female in this shot. They'll be rolling in the grass before too long. About a month ago, I changed the cedar woods chips in the nest boxes I have in the adjoining swamp. I had my waders on which was a good thing because I...
  8. belleswell

    Post a cool picture.......

    Fascination Muskrat/Frog popcicle The Outdoor Channel
  9. belleswell

    March 2021 BTOTM

    The first version of this was cluttered and I removed a lot of the double tracking I had in the first version. Both are at my sc page. Here is the new slightly improved track.
  10. belleswell

    Post a cool picture.......

    Some recent pics
  11. belleswell

    Dogs / Dog/Puppy Appreciation Thread...No Cats Allowed (Merged)

    Forest Satch River All 3 at our last home waiting for the mailman who always had treats. Smart. Our dogs loved him.
  12. belleswell

    What is Billy Doing here (Gimme All Your Lovin')???

    I've only seen them once eons ago. The Recycler tour. Extreme was the backup. Extreme opened with "More Than Words" and it was as good live as the studio version. When their song ended it took a good two seconds for the crowd to start with the applause. WTF. They were great, but when ZZ Top...
  13. belleswell

    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    This is our place over the last week. Thin ice and 2 to 3 feet deep where this young deer is standing. That's why I have an aerator going in this part of the pond to keep the shoreline open for an easy out for any critters that may fall in. In the last week, we've been having 2 to 3...
  14. belleswell

    Dogs / Dog/Puppy Appreciation Thread...No Cats Allowed (Merged)

    Blitz Land shark Agility Forest River Satch Forest Our other two dogs could not do what River does, which is to just watch the critters, even when they are face to face with her. She knows if she barks or paws at the glass, they leave and the show is over. She is content just to watch...
  15. belleswell

    Need A Practice Tip

    As you strum each open chord starting with A, say the following aloud: A whole to B, half to C, whole to D, whole to E, half to F, whole to G, whole to A. ( Imagine the white keys on a piano) As you say the next chord name, have the chord ready to strum when you say the note. Start slow. This...
  16. belleswell

    Les Paul with a floyd rose?

    If they are good enough for Alex and Neil, then I'm in good company.
  17. belleswell

    Dec 2020 BTOTM

  18. belleswell

    November 2020 BTOTM

    I very much appreciate the kind words. Thanks.

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