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  1. Jimmi

    RIP Roy Clark

    One heck of a player. Dead at 85
  2. Jimmi

    So....I bought a new car..muscle car content

    Actually been a few months but been too busy to post much. My first new car in almost 9 years. Loving it so far 2016 Mustang Cobra GT350 with performance track pack Nestled in with my Evo :naughty:
  3. Jimmi

    My old pile of wood...with some less old :)

    '54 LP Gold Top '54 LP Bigsby Burst conversion '55 LP Burst Conversion '61 SGLP '81 Heritage Award prehistoric reissue '83 Leo's Special prehistoric reissue '93 Std (that looks amazingly like the "first burst" at Carters)
  4. Jimmi

    Generation Axe

    Went to see the tour play the Ryman last night in Nashville. was interesting. I grew up musically in the late 80s and hit the wood shed like everyone else at that time. I kept up with Vai and Nuno even after in wasn't my feelings coming away probably say more about how...
  5. Jimmi

    Vintage re-fret...without planing ;)

    My '55 conversion was increasing need of a the point I could not bend the strings in some spots on the neck. Unlike what I did with my other conversion that I have had for 25 year, I decided to bite the bullet and get it done instead of only playing slide on it for 10 years LOL...
  6. Jimmi

    '61 three pickup custom at Carter' of the last single cutaway

    Tried out this very good '61 single cutaway custom at Carter's. Is one of the first number in the range of the 3-4 '61s shipped. Neck is more like the SGs from that year than a 60 burst. For a custom it is very light at right at 9lbs. Original other than a refret with no breaks that I could...
  7. Jimmi

    Just watched "Celebration Day"....I now get Plants position

    All through high school (late 80s), my favorite band was Zeppelin. It is the reason my first good guitar was a Les Paul, it really shaped my tastes to a bit degree. I fell in love with southern rock, blues, country and even some shred and Jazz at different points but much of that came from...
  8. Jimmi

    Spent some time with a couple bursts you might know

    Was able to take a few pictures when these two when they were being looked over prior to being sent off for setup and use at the final Allman Bros show. Neither were in great playing shape but both oozed mojo.
  9. Jimmi

    Is this a real thing?

    TRENDING: More college students support post-birth abortion "A trend seen by prolife activists that frequently engage college students on campuses nationwide is the growing acceptance of post-birth abortion, or killing the infant after he or she is born, campus prolife outreach leaders tell The...
  10. Jimmi


    After playing through Tom Standler's (Carter's Vintage) slightly modified '57 Gibson GA 20 several times while getting various work done on my guitars, I decided to pick up a '58 ga20 myself as my 55 sounds great through it for some reason. This one is fairly close to original. in its current...
  11. Jimmi

    Narcism ..increasing issue

    Are we more narcissistic than ever before? - Features - Health & Families - The Independent Interesting read on "what's wrong with the new generation" with insight into internet trolls.
  12. Jimmi

    Rock is dead....maybe not.

    Rock is Not Dead: Rock n' Roll Tops 2013 Album Sales "You hear it every year: Rock n Roll is dead, nobody cares anymore. Hip Hop is the new Rock, and the demise of the major-label chokehold on the industry means we'll see less of an impact from four-on-the-floor rockers who, throughout...
  13. Jimmi

    Opinion on price for modified 72 Deluxe

    Modified 72 deluxe with humbuckers, Nashville bridge and modern harness. No breaks. There are a couple of scratches and minor wear on the back of the guitar. 9 lbs or relatively light for the year. Good neck, good original frets. Overall condition 7ish out of 10 aside from the...
  14. Jimmi

    Vintage bobbin question

    Was going through a few pickups I have in my parts drawer and noticed an inconsistency I was hoping someone could shed light on. On the bottome of the non adjustable bobbin there is a small circular cast mark that I see on some pickups but not others. Here is one on a Pat# I have with...
  15. Jimmi

    Wanted...beat up historic player grade guitar....well repaired headstock OK.

    Looking for a gigging guitar that i dont have to worry about being stolen or broken. Function over looks. Headstock repair is OK as long as solid though I don't want one with a twisted neck. Prefer an r0 but interested in r8 or r9. Will buy just the husk or complete guitar.
  16. Jimmi

    WTB Gen 1 protector chainsaw case

    Gen 1 protector chainsaw case with intact latches if possible. Outside condition as long as intact unimportant as long as reflected it price. Keep missing them on sale here so if you have one for sale, hit me up.
  17. Jimmi


    Just added to our cable line up about 2 months ago. I can't say how much I like this channel. It is an actual music channel with actual music being played instead of reality shows and a video here and there. Almost all live performances, across many genres. Many small venue performances...
  18. Jimmi

    Fs: vintage long magnet PAF 7.5 $2k, pat# 7.3 $1.2k, pat# 7.3 t-top $200

    I am cycling through pickups for neck position on one of my guitars trying to find the perfect one for it. All I am selling are good pickups but not what I am looking for in this guitar. All are on the mid to lower output side as you might expect. Two were posted earlier and I had a buyer but...
  19. Jimmi

    57-early 58 stainless steel PAF covers

    Posted this in the general tone forum and not many responses so I will try here. I have been trying a bunch of vintage PAFs ant pat#s recently and have happened upon a steel cover for one. How does the different material effect the tone? One of the covers has lead paint on the inside...
  20. Jimmi

    57-early 58 PAF steel covers

    I have been trying a bunch of vintage PAFs ant pat#s recently and have happened upon a steel cover for one. How does the different material effect the tone? One of the covers has lead paint on the inside.. What is the thinking?

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