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  1. jerry47

    NGD Korina Flying V

    NGD, I've had the Flying V on the bucket list for a long time The other day i was on a few different Japanese's web sites and came across this along with a bunch more. 2 Piece solid Korina body 1 piece neck with wings, Nylon nut , Madagascar rosewood board W/ rolled edge's,ABR-1 bridge, I...
  2. jerry47


    Hi if you have a set of gold Gibson kluson style tuner from 2013 to 21 for use on flying V please message me. or if you can turn me on to where i can find good replacement tips that would be great Thanks Jerry.
  3. jerry47

    WTB Chase Tone Germanium Red Round Fuzz Face or Germanium small box chase fuzz...stardust etc..

    Hi, Kyle was making this style Fuzz Faces back around 2011/12/13 etc. some were made in small box form some were made in Regular round Fuzz Face shell's I'd like to find one in a fuzz face shell but will take either model. If you have one message me and we'll get it done. Thanks Jerry
  4. jerry47

    WTB Aged Gold or Nickel 59 style pickup covers ie DMC, Trobak, Wizz.etc.

    Hey. If you have a set of covers you'd like to get rid of send over a message & we'll get it done. Thanks Jerry.
  5. jerry47

    WTB Skinner Burst set any color covers or no covers.

    Message me if you have a Skinner Burst set you'd like to let go Thanks Jerry.
  6. jerry47


    PM me if you have a set of Skinner burst pickups you'd like to get rid of. Thanks Jerry
  7. jerry47


    Pm me if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks Jerry
  8. jerry47

    WTB Alvarez Yairi Acoustic guitar.

    Guitar must be in excellent playing condition. No lifting bridge's buzzing etc... PM me thanks Jerry.
  9. jerry47

    Ibanez TSV808 - Vemuram Tubescreamer *Delayed Delivery*

    Hi. Anyone here hear anything on a possible delivery date on the TVS 808s, I ordered mine around the 1st of July and nothing on my end,I know Ibanez Japan says their going for the end of 2019 but in my book this is the end of 2019 with no word still, Comment if you know anything, Or if you just...
  10. jerry47

    Clyde McCoy Replica Wah "The Experience wah"

    These Pedal's are hand built by myself each part is hand measured & matched for the highest quality pedal & playing enjoyment....... Price on MLP $215.00 Shipped to youre door...Ships USPS W/ Tracking . regular price is $249.95.. Payment Via Pay Pal. PM me if interested. Thanks Jerry...
  11. jerry47


    BUYER PLEASE READ PARAGRAPH BELOW. I bought this amp in 2017 I've played it everyday since i bought it, Around a month ago the amp started having problems, For no reason the amp sometime just cuts out and stops making sound,Sometime it will start working again after a few minutes Some days it...
  12. jerry47

    WTB: Metropoulos Plexi Replica JTM45/100

    The metro amp (head) i'm looking for is the Limited jtm 45 model, No sozo caps... George only built so many of them. I would entertain other high-end builds (Merren), or actual 1960s Marshall plexi 's. I'm not interested in no-name basement builds. message me if you have something along those...
  13. jerry47

    FS Vox Clyde McCoy Picture wah 1967.

    1967 Vox Clyde McCoy Picture Wah. This wah is in excellent condition & works as it should without issue. The wah come's with it's Original Vox wah Case. The wah is completely original with the exception of the 9 volt battery clip. That clip has been changed. The upper treadle will stand under...
  14. jerry47

    FS. Clyde McCoy Replica Wah

    The Velvet Wah, These wahs are hand build by me & Are based off of my personal 1967 Vox Clyde McCoy Picture wah. I've been building these wahs for a little over a year & a half now, With just under 100 builds without complaint. Members here at mlp have bought a few in the past when i listed...
  15. jerry47

    David Gilmour is selling his Black Strat

    I did a search to see if this was posted already i didn't see it so Here it is.... David Gilmour’s legendary ‘Black Strat’ comes to auction Christie’s to auction more than 120 guitars from the...
  16. jerry47

    FS..Seymour Duncan / Joe Bonamassa Skinner Burst Pickups

    * SOLD*For sale 1 set Joe Bonamassa Skinner Burst pickups "White" Full Leads. Excellent condition. $385.00 shipped to your door..... Pay Pal. USA only. PM me if interested. Thanks Jerry.
  17. jerry47

    FS, Clyde McCoy picture wah Replica

    Excellent recreation of the mid 60s Italian wah tone. Pay Pal $225.. PM Me if Interested. Thanks Jerry. Next to a 1967 Clyde McCoy Picture wah. Featured parts. ...1967 exact replica board. ...Carling Switch W/ True bypass wiring. ...22 awg solid core wire as found on many...
  18. jerry47

    FS. Vox Clyde McCoy picture wah Replica

    For sale, Picture wah replica features to following parts: .....1960s Icar Pot. .....NOS .22 uf Tropical fish capacitors...
  19. jerry47

    Samamp VAC 23. 1X15 combo guitar amp. excellent condition.

    Superb Texas blues sound from this impeccable amp. VAC stands for Variable Amplitude Clipping, which means you can run this amp from 3 watts to 23 watts. Or as Samamp themselves put it: "Samamp guitar amplifiers are point to point hand wired with "class a" vacuum tube circuitry. The V.A.C. -...
  20. jerry47

    reverbs latest article, missing bursts

    Still at Large: 6 Famous Stolen Guitars that have Yet to be Recovered Casey Hopkins Gear History "My guitar is gone" are four words that no guitarist should ever have to say. Outside of death or injury, there’s no bigger bummer for a musician than having your prized instrument stolen...

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