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  1. stiff fingers

    its all over now baby blue.

    42 years and its over, excuse the rant. But selling off my former hobby is like getting a divorce. I suffered a back injury on the job some time ago and even after recovery I can no longer push a clutch for any real driving. I held onto the cars in hopes that the problem could be resolved but...
  2. stiff fingers

    FS Gibson 490 R/498T pickup set, black bobbins gold screws.

    Good used set of Gibson pickups 490/498 black bobbins with gold screws. some scratches on bobbins. 4 wire connectors $100 and shipping, PayPal OK
  3. stiff fingers

    NG, on it's way, finally

    Ordered on Feb 10, shipped on July 10, a 5 month wait for a Johnny A custom. Thanks to Spencer at sweetwater for keeping me up to date. The guitar should be here Thursday. Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to it and all plans for Thursday have been cancelled. But for now all I have are the photos...
  4. stiff fingers

    For Sale; 2009 Epi 1959 standard Ice Tea, Truly Like New

    I have a new guitar on the way and am thinning the herd. I have two 59 standards, this one is for sale. Ice tea finish but not the strong quater sawn top you would expect on a 59. I have never really played this guitar. The other 59 is my main guitar. This guitar is just as good, there are no...
  5. stiff fingers

    NUGD 60's tribute

    This is the first time I've posted a new guitar. Well used new in this case. It's a 2009-2010 plain top. Faded cherry, very bright. Too bright with the aged nickel parts. Seems to have a slim taper neck and not an asymmetrical neck. The back and sides seem to have a different finish? With an...
  6. stiff fingers

    Anyone need to replace a Epi deluxe tuner?

    I am cleaning out extra pieces I know I won't be needing, if you need to replace one or two gold deluxe tuners, these are like new, Send me a PM and cover the cost of shipping.
  7. stiff fingers

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Studio 70's Tribute

    Nice guitar, it plays well, but I never really liked the "dirty fingers" pickups. Vintage burst with some belt rash and a ding on the headstock, a small spot on the cap at the horn, all shown in photos. Reverb price guide shows $650- $800. Guitar includes case, with broken back latch (shown in...
  8. stiff fingers

    Does Epiphone's warranty cover this!

    Does Epiphone's warranty cover lifting veneer? The guitar is a 60's tribute plus purchased new in 2015. Has any one had this problem, or dealt with Epiphone on warranty issues. Any chance of refund or replacement? And if there is no recourse from Epiphone, what is under the veneer?
  9. stiff fingers

    EPI with new ears?

    This question is about another forum thread (Gibson Les Pauls -what a steal) sorry can't link. I think the guitar is an Epiphone with new ears on the headstock. but can anyone id the model and where it was made. If it is MIJ it might be worth taking the decals off.

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