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  1. defcrew

    Saw Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit tonight

    Really good. JI was rocking the top w p90s and a couple with HBs. His other guitarist played Teles, Firebirds and SGs. Really good band if you ever get a chance to see them. Some excellent slide work and his song writing is superb. I was really impressed. I had seen them once...
  2. defcrew

    The Good Ole Daze--B17s and Fire Ants

    I don't know what got me to thinking about this but when I was growing up in ATL in the late 60s I recall more than a couple occasions where WWII era B17s were repurposed to indiscriminately shower what was--for me--a suburban area with pesticides, i.e., Sandy Springs in N ATL. I'm not sure what...
  3. defcrew

    Things you misheard for years...'scuse me while I kiss this guy

    Not long ago my daughter had a new room mate move in and she said something about having an extra chest of drawers and he said, "Damn, you know all these years I thought people were saying Chester Drawers. When I was young my sister--who is kind of an old hearted soul who was listening to Billie...
  4. defcrew

    Anybody ever listen to Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History" podcasts?

    I stumbled across this guy on Spotify recently and have taken to listening to him at work. Really good and fairly exhaustive on the given subjects. Quite long. The series on WWI is Ken Burns long....six parts of four hours or so each. Pretty good if you like such, IMO.
  5. defcrew

    NDD....this is make ya wanna slap ya mama cuteness

    We lost our beloved Jack at age 14 two weeks ago in the middle of the night to cancer. For a dog lover there is nothing so empty as a dogless house. The cavalry has arrived. I present to you Wille Earl. He is six weeks old and we found him on, gasp, Craigs List. We met a guy and his wife in the...
  6. defcrew

    D Day 75th

    Maybe I missed it somewhere but here--at MLP--is no one going to post a thread re the 75th anniversary of D Day? I used to send out an email to my mailing list every June 6th to commemorate it. The last WWII vet that I personally knew died this Spring. His line was: I invaded DDay + 35 with a...
  7. defcrew

    Today it was my turn...RIP Jack

    What What is a best friend? Somebody who loans you money when you're broke or lets you win when you don't deserve it? Or maybe it's just some son of a bitch who can stand you when no one else does and is content to just be by you without saying a word. Mine died early this morning after 14...
  8. defcrew

    Four cops shot in two months in my little town

    About two months ago an officer was shot by a guy who had gone into a pharmacy demanding drugs. The perp never got them and instead hightailed out. A cop heard the APB and was the unlucky guy who first encountered him and pulled him over. Unloaded 15 rounds on him six of which hit him. The worst...
  9. defcrew

    WTB brown face Fender Pro Amp

    I've been on a kick to try and replace some of the old amps I let get away. I bought one of these my freshman year in college for $100 and sold it to my bro for the same along w a strat I bought for $150 the same year (1976). The amp was somehow lost through the years. Though I'm not expecting...
  10. defcrew

    Violent Femmes

    OK, it is generally considered bad taste to bash fellow musicians let alone start a thread for the purpose of doing such but I've always felt good taste was highly over rated, therefore.... Back in the 80s when I was playing a lot on the college rock circuit this group was somewhat popular and...
  11. defcrew

    too funny....once it starts it never ends
  12. defcrew

    Who is a chain saw expert?

    I have an old Husky 257 that has always been a little stubborn. Once I get it going anything that might need to get cut down in the next three years is at risk of getting wacked cuz I never know what it will behave like next time. Anyway, recently it went into full revolt. It ran great for about...
  13. defcrew

    Tornado just touched down near me

    Couple of folks killed and lots of destruction. Beauregard and Smith's Station AL. A friend of mine sent me a vid via text. Said he heard it and saw it but it missed his place. Black cloud and a roar. All I got was a bunch of rain and some wind for a few minutes. Badass phenom.
  14. defcrew

    Speaking of RIP...Clydie King

    I ran across this in an article about something else. I did not realize she had died last month. One of the great backup/harmony vocalists in rock and roll history--Tumblin Dice, You're No Good, Sweet Home AL, Dylan, etc. Clydie was adjacently profiled in Twenty Feet From Stardom along with...
  15. defcrew

    1958 RI 335 Sunburst

    Selling this for a friend of mine. I think it is a 2018 as he bought it last year. 1958RI 335. Stock. He's really barely played it. Bought it on impulse and has been molting lately. Actually bought a Tele from him myself. Wants $3k. Can supply more pix if needed. Thx for looking.
  16. defcrew


    Not the music...the stuff you chew. Or do you? Is it just for kids? What's your brand? Did you know that it's creation and pink color were actually both happy accidents and, of course, born in the USA. Cam Newton always chews bubble gum as he plays in the NFL that matches his team colors. I'm on...
  17. defcrew

    The Mule

    Watched Clint's new movie last night. As ever it is basically Clint just playing Clint but what a national treasure this guy is! For a CE movie a remarkably low body count esp given the drug runner theme. I laughed, I cried, I tried to squint like Clint. After all these years still my favorite...
  18. defcrew


    Anybody seen this movie? It's kind of Nazis and Zombies. Went with the wife and son last night. I like war movies and they like zombie movies so everybody was halfway happy. The vibe was kind of Speilberg quality realism and special effects with a mid 60s depiction of the Germans. They always...

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