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  1. belleswell

    The Eagle Has Landed

    We've had an eagle showing up at our pond the last few days. It left with what looked to be a gray squirrel yesterday, and got a bass about 15 inches long mid morning today out in the deeper part of the pond. My wife had seen it 5 times in the last two days, and I had seen it twice. Late...
  2. belleswell

    Gone Country

    Gone country, living that is. This is a continuation of living the country life which is very laid back, relaxing, and inspiring for music. One week before retiring from the IBEW, I married my hs sweetheart, as we had been living together since '72. This allows her to get some of my pensions...
  3. belleswell

    I Can't Find My Guitar

  4. belleswell

    Guess What I Saw Outside My Window

    Outside My Window These are some more pics of the country life. Very restrained Corgi Turkey and grackle Turkey and squirrel Eating all that bird food is hard work. Sometimes a squirrel has to lie down for a nap Iguana imitation Prarie dog imitation Wood ducks on approach...
  5. belleswell

    2016 Has Been An Amazing Year

    Lots of things have happened this year that make it very memorable and its not over yet. March 31st was my last day of work. I retired as an IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) electrician. One week prior to retiring, I married my high school sweetheart. We've been living...
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    deleted SSTAT
  7. belleswell

    My Satriani Collection

    Here's my collection of Satriani guitars some here may appreciate. I had posted a similar thread back in 2010 when I had 8 of these. I now have 9. The latest is a JS 2400 Wh. I also have a couple of the predecessors to the Satriani line which are the 540 R models. The one I'm waiting for...
  8. belleswell

    Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary

    Although not quite a NAD for me as I bought this on the bay over a year ago. It still amazes me. I love channel 2 and must say I should have bought one years ago. The best amp I've ever owned, and I've owned several. This is the LE version with the brass chassis and blue tolex. # 177 It...
  9. belleswell

    Another Juicy NGD

    I had not bought a guitar in over a year. I thought I was getting better. Then, last weekend I had a relapse. It's a LP Axcess. One that has been on my wish list for some time. Very hard to put down once I start playing her. Cheers, J Pics...
  10. belleswell

    NPD Strymon

    My better half got me a Strymon Bigsky for Christmas which gives me a trio of Strymons best. The Youtube vid Strymon had posted for the Bigsky had given me gas since they first posted it. She had asked them not to sell me one after placing the...
  11. belleswell

    HNGD Another One

    I went to GC yesterday with one purchase in mind. I needed some medium picks. I've been getting some rough edges on some I've been abusing and have been going through some strings because of the rough edges on the side of my picks. The plan was to have my better half drop me off there...
  12. belleswell

    An Agile AL 3200 HNGD Pics

    I just read another HNGD thread for another members Agile. Here's my 2 cents worth as just I got one myself yesterday. I joined the Agile forum a couple weeks back, mainly for some input on Agile guitars and my first post was a thread I had started asking the question on whether the Hondo...
  13. belleswell


  14. belleswell

    HNGD ... Twice Pics

    I had not bought any guitars in over a year and thought I was getting better, and then in less than one months time, I bought two. The first is a 7 string Jem Universe. It's taking a bit of play time to get used to. 24 frets and 7 strings were both new for me. The latest, an Ibanez J Custom...
  15. belleswell

    My Satriani Collection

    Here's my Satriani collection some here may appreciate. I also have a couple of ancestors of the same lineage. I've not bought a guitar in over 10 months now so I might be getting better. Cheers, Jeff
  16. belleswell

    Hello From Michigan

    Hello everyone, My names Jeff. I thought what better way to introduce myself than a youtube vid. My first. It's a Satriani cover. Always With Me, Always With You. One of my favorite songs by him. Comments are welcome and very much appreciated. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Jeff...

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