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  1. bassbo530

    1980 Greco Super Real w/ Gibson Pickups ??

    Hello .. haven't been here much .. Anyone ever heard of one of there .. A few years back I thought I saw something... I bought one ..waiting for it .. Headstock says Super Real underneath says Mounted Gibson PU ... inlay on neck say LIMITED 50/08 .. Any help will be GREAT !! Thanks Gents ...
  2. bassbo530

    FS 1975 Gibson Goldtop Deluxe Great Condition

    :thumb::):slash::hmm::wow::dude::lol: BEAUTIFUL GUITAR ..Excellent Shape $4000 1975 Gibson Goldtop Deluxe Photos by bassbo530 | Photobucket 1975 GIBSON Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop Jammin .. Guitar Review & Demonstration - YouTube
  3. bassbo530

    Burny's with FG Serial # ???

    Where are they Made ??? Thanks Guys !! :hmm:
  4. bassbo530

    Unique 1982 Tokai LS60 & 1981 Aria Flying V

    Sounds Great .. Plays Killer ..:hmm:
  5. bassbo530

    NGD Xs4 All Early 80s Burny's

    Pictures Speak Louder Than Words RLG 90 ... FLG 90.... RLC60 ....RSG 75 AY..... ..ENJOY !!
  6. bassbo530

    BURNY Questions ??? Serial #s ??

    Do MIC or MIJ Serial #s Start with FG ??? Thanks BassBo.... Saw one on Ebay :hmm::shock:
  7. bassbo530

    Hey Folks .. New Family Photos !!

    This is what Ive Been Up TOO ...:thumb::naughty::applause::wow::wave:
  8. bassbo530

    NGD 1975 Goldtop Deluxe

    Got this in a Trade !! Check it out !!! SWEET:applause::thumb::dude::wow: 1975 Gibson Goldtop Deluxe Photos by bassbo530 | Photobucket
  9. bassbo530

    QUESTION ??? Should I Trade These .. For a Near Mint 1975 GoldTop ???

    Would Like some Input .. Thanks ... 2005 Gibson Explorer & 1976 Bicentennial Firebird .. For a Near Mint 1975 Goldtop Standard !! More Photos 1976 Bicentennial Firebird Photos by bassbo530 | Photobucket And This Thanks :hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm:
  10. bassbo530

    NGD VASCHENKO 58 Korina Explorer

    It's HERE !!! HERE IT IS !!! Porter Pickups Classic / Smooth ..SWEETNESS MORE PHOTOS VASCHENKO 1958 Korina Explorer Photos by bassbo530 | Photobucket Hope You Enjoy !! Thanks Robert:thumb::wow::dude::D:wow::applause::cool:
  11. bassbo530

    2005 Gibson Explorer... Now with Pics..

    Killer Guitar 2005 Gibson Explorer Guitar Review & Demonstration - YouTube
  12. bassbo530

    1976 Gibson Bicentennial Firebird... Now with Pics ..

    Check it out !! 1976 Gibson Bicentennial FireBird Guitar Demonstration & Review - YouTube :wow::dude::naughty::thumb::cool::slash:
  13. bassbo530

    VASCHENKO Heritage Les Paul Jr

    One of Valery's Recent Builds... :thumb::naughty:: Here's a link to the Build Blog Ôîðóì Ãèòàðíîãî Ìàñòåðà Âàëåðèÿ Âàùåíêî
  14. bassbo530

    New Vaschenko Blond Les Paul

    This is my other Brand New Valery Vaschenko Blond Les Paul ... Check out the Photos ... Also For a Limited Time Valery will build you a Handbuilt Basic Les Paul Guitar For only $1800 .. Your choice of Color and some hardware/Pickups .. Hope You Enjoy ..
  15. bassbo530

    2 New Vaschenko Les Pauls ...Double Shot..Tribute to Ronnie Montrose ...

    Vaschenko Custom Built Handmade Natural Blond Les Paul Standard Guitar Demonstration & Reveiw - YouTube HANDMADE VASCHENKO AMBOYNA LES PAUL CUSTOM GUITAR REVIEW & DEMO - YouTube
  16. bassbo530

    The Whole Fam Damily.. Current Line up

    The Current Line up .. 85 Grandy SG, Tokai V, Epiphone Spotlight , 85 Tokai LS80, Yamaha RBXA2 Bass 88 Early Edwards Custom, Bachuss GO95,88 Burny Custom Vaschenko Amboyna Custom,Early 90s Burny Goldtop, Vaschenko Blond Standard 2010 Tokai ES145, 1982 Ibanez AF105VF, 95 RLC75 Ace...
  17. bassbo530

    CLOSE UPS Vaschenko Amboyna Les Paul

    BUILT !!! PAID FOR !!!Ships Tomorrow !!! NGD SOON :applause: WILL POST More as soon as it Arrives !!!
  18. bassbo530

    Vaschenko Lemon Drop LP

    Photo Speak for Themselves..:):thumb::naughty::fingersx::applause::wow::wave::lol::dude::jam::rock::band::cool2::bowdown
  19. bassbo530

    Sweet ibanez artist ar 105 av

    Traded with a MLP Brother !! Check it out !!!:applause::thumb::wow::cool::lol::dude::naughty::thumb::slash: 1982 IBANEZ ARTIST AR105AF Guitar Review & Demonstration JAMMIN Japanese Jewels 1982 IBANEZ ARTIST AR105AF Guitar Review & Demonstration JAMMIN Japanese Jewels - YouTube

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