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  1. ext1jdh

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    So, anyone else see it? I thought it was thoroughly entertaining.
  2. ext1jdh

    Well, now I feel totally inadequate I'm not terribly impressed with the singer's voice, but the drummer and bassist are incredible. Kids these days...
  3. ext1jdh

    Line6 Variax Resonator Tones

    Sister thread to my Variax Acoustic model thread, here's the Resonator models Variax Resonator Demo - YouTube Again, i know my playing sucks. that's not the point.
  4. ext1jdh

    Line6 Variax Acoustic Tones

    I threw together a short video with the 5 built-in acoustic tones that it models. Variax Acoustic Demo - YouTube Ignore the quality of my playing.
  5. ext1jdh


    BatDad - YouTube
  6. ext1jdh

    NGD - Line6 James Tyler Variax JTV-69

    Received from Sweetwater yesterday as a Scratch n' Dent, and I put about three hours of practice time on it with both the magnetics and the Variax models. I couldnt get a great feel for it's sound last night since it was in a full-band situation, and I put another hour on it at home tonight. The...
  7. ext1jdh

    Gibson is not inspiring confidence.

    How does the repair shop not know where to get original or near enough versions of a toggle switch used on their guitar?
  8. ext1jdh

    Almost NGD

    Just submitted the order... They're one state over so it should arrive quickly
  9. ext1jdh

    Building a portable IEM rack

    I'm in the planning stages of putting together a portable wireless IEM rack. Interested in the opinions of anyone who has some expertise in the subject. I know that I could use an Aviom or Hear or any number of other system to do the same thing, however they are significantly more expensive...
  10. ext1jdh

    Anyone use a Presonus StudioLive console?

    I've got a question about using my StudioLive 16.4.2 with Universal Control and Capture on my computer. I'd like to be able to control the board using UC, but also record multitrack in Capture. Last time I tried this, Universal Control was working great but Capture couldn't find the board...
  11. ext1jdh

    Understanding the differences and similarities in Solid State and Modeling Amps

    A recent thread has revealed that there are many people around the forum that don't seem to understand the fundamental differences between Solid State amplifiers and Modeling amplifiers. While there are many areas of similarity, there are differences that drive a wide gulf between these two...
  12. ext1jdh

    MF Friday the 13th Deals

    In case you weren't aware, MF is doing Deal of the Hour today. Every hour it's something different. Currently it's: Alvarez RD12VP Regent Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural Dreadnought $99
  13. ext1jdh

    Just a reminder

    Sons of Anarchy returns tonight
  14. ext1jdh

    Opinions on the Variax

    I've got my eye on a Variax jtv-59 or jtv-69. The group I play with needs versatility in tone and instantly available alternate tunings which it can provide. I'm also using an HD500 board into the PA so it goes hand-in-hand. Anyone have an opinion on these guitars?
  15. ext1jdh

    It's Beer-Thirty

  16. ext1jdh

    Gemini Syndrome - Lux

    Buddy of mine from way back recently got signed and their album drops in a few days. Makes me proud to know this guy. I always knew he had it. If you like modern progressive metal, check it out. LUX DELUXE BUNDLE: GEMINI SYNDROME | LUX 9.10.13
  17. ext1jdh

    Topwrapped my BFG last night

    Also cleared up some problems with my P90 hitting the strings. Still need to replace my killswitch though.
  18. ext1jdh

    BFG Killswitch Replacement

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement Killswitch? Mine fell apart last night. Alternately, a reputable repair shop in the chicago west burbs? Edit: I've checked StewMac but not sure what to go for.
  19. ext1jdh

    What are your favorite busking songs?

    Thank You (Led Zep) Worst Day Since Yeaterday (Flogging Molly) Just Like Heaven (the Cure) Round Here (Counting Crows) Down Under (Men at Work) Say It Ain't So (Weezer) Yours?
  20. ext1jdh

    Finally took a CPR/AED class

    I was hoping someone would dfo on the train ride home

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