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  1. Brocko

    NPD: Dawner Prince Boonar

    Just got this today - took a while to dial in (it has lots of adjustment) but once you get to grips with it, this pedal is great. It's one of those effects that becomes an extension of your instrument and you get the best results when you work with it. It's wonderfully built too. Very happy...
  2. Brocko

    Foxrox Aquavibe and other univibe roundup

    NPD - Foxrox Aquavibe So got this today - very nice sounding vibe. Not a massively known company but probably should be more lauded as their stuff is top notch. There are a lot of univobe clones out there - some very good, some less so. I have had a few (and used some others) and this ranks...
  3. Brocko

    Post you current vs one year ago pedalboards - just for fun!

    As it says in the title - pics of current board and your board a year ago (or as close to as possible) CURRENT (there is also a Whammy 5 and Glab Wowee Wah offboard) ONE YEAR AGO
  4. Brocko

    Boss mug

    My judgement on value is now so warped I'm actually considering this.....
  5. Brocko

    Vintage vs Modern

    EDIT: ON THE POLL, THE THIRD CHOICE IS 'I LIKE BOTH' - it did say that originally but i had to edit it to fit and removed the wrong bit by accident "What's your opinion? Do you think that 'pedals were much better in my day, the new stuff has no soul' or 'all those old clapped out pedals...
  6. Brocko

    Made in USA

    Its interesting, i often see some very questionable comments on these threads - chinese junk, foreign [email protected], etc which i find particularly distasteful…. ….whilst 'Made in the USA' is often used as a hallmark of quality. However, i stumbled upon this on the Visual Sound (now truetone)...
  7. Brocko

    Your effects pedal graveyard

    Let's see what pedals you have that are not currently on your board.... Here's mine, although in fairness to the Joyo American, it is in the gig bag as a back up in case of any amp failure (you can use it to DI to the mixing desk)
  8. Brocko

    Looking for a new amp

    Hi - i'm after a new amp - i have comnpleted the questionnaire! How much would you like to spend? Up to approx about £1000 would be fine but ideally less. But im flexible for the right gear What's the absolutely most you will spend? £1200 How many years have you played guitar? Too...
  9. Brocko

    Disappointing choice

    I am in the market to buy a new amp but although there are some very good amps out there, im disappointed to see the market hasn't changed much. My main beef is the obsession with valve amps and getting THAT sound. I'm not saying i dont like valve amps or how they sound but the obsession has...
  10. Brocko

    Analog vs Digital - a new angle

    Having been neither firmly in one camp or another in the past i can now start to see some benefits to analog over digital. The main reason is similar to that in the car industry - in the old days, if your car stopped working correctly, in theory, you could buy the correct Haynes manual (or...
  11. Brocko

    BBE Bench Press

    Anyone got any experience/opinions? My local pawn shop has one for £40...
  12. Brocko

    Guitar by weight

    Witnessed a classic conversation in a local thrift shop. A punter (H&M fashion sheep young man) was eyeing up a Hondo II les paul copy. The owner (who resembled Joe Walsh and Keith Richards love child) said it had a good 'weight'. Fashion Sheep muttered some interest so Walsh/Richards got...
  13. Brocko


    Anyone out there used any Pigtronix pedals? On paper (and you tube) they look amazing. I'm specifically interested in the Philosopher's Tone and the Tremvelope.
  14. Brocko

    Joyo Amps

    It was only a matter of time... JOYO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
  15. Brocko

    Electro harmonix

    Whilst as a company I think they are pretty cool, apart from the big muff I'm struggling to think of a pedal of theirs that I really liked. I want to like them but just haven't done it for me. Holy Grail nano - good but nothing special and for the same money there is better. I got mine in a...
  16. Brocko

    Jazzing up a cheap pedal

    So I have a behringer knock off phase 90 so thought I'd turn it into a 'boutique pedal'. Here's the mock up
  17. Brocko

    Forum banter

    Forum: Welcome brother, there is nothing to fear here (shifting uncomfortably) New guy: oh cool. So I'm just looking just getting a pedal to replace my current OD. Forum: yeah cool, take a look at the fulltone OCD. cough PIO caps cough New guy: what was that? Forum: oh nothing. New guy: cool so...
  18. Brocko

    What's the best deal you've had?

    Having just picked the this Russian big muff in a local pawn shop for £15 I wondered what are the best bargains you have got your hands on? My other steal was an Epiphone Casino for £70. The previous owner had sanded it back Lennon style. He wasn't a crack addict or anything either - looked...
  19. Brocko

    Honest Reviews

    I get a bit fed up (especially on Amazon) when you see people giving a 1 out of 5 review for a pedal because the one they had broke after a month. You then see a comment like 'typical build quality from XXXX' But other people are praising the pedal, saying build quality is good. Then you...

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