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  1. Nightrain

    Stones @ Cardiff

    Hey all, been a while since I posted on here! I still visit!! :) Saw the Stones at Cardiff on Friday night. 3rd time I've seen them, such a great show again.. they had a mishap with either a broken string or wrong tuning at the start of Satisfaction but other than that it was all smooth. Took...
  2. Nightrain

    What's in your pockets?

    Very cool, slightly unsettling.. the art of misdirection indeed!
  3. Nightrain

    Rolling Stones, Barcelona

    A friend of mine did a lucky dip ticket thing, paid 50 euros for a random seat. Look at this goddamn seat. Just look at it. 50 euros. Lucky b*stard!
  4. Nightrain

    Ah.. so picture this..

    Riding along today, get stuck behind a horsebox.. can't pass because the ol 125 isn't nippy enough and no clear roads anyway so I quickly pulls into a layby to let the horsebox do it's thing and leave me some clear road. Holy f**king sh*t. I should've looked first! This layby had more craters...
  5. Nightrain

    47 years

  6. Nightrain

    Joe Satriani, what happens next?

    Looks like he's releasing a new album! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :fingersx: :fingersx: :fingersx: Loved Shockwave, can't wait for new stuff. Hadn't even considered it was time for a new release, will be great if it is time! Announcing on 18 / 9, same date Jimi died and Joe decided to pick up...
  7. Nightrain

    Best word search I've seen

  8. Nightrain

    A bike..

    This is actually kinda cool. I usually hate any kind of panels or w/e hiding the mechanics of a bike but ONE GIANT PANEL hiding everything? Kinda works for me. :D
  9. Nightrain

    What made John Bonham such a good drummer?

    Cool vid I came across. :)
  10. Nightrain


    Have they let you out again? :D
  11. Nightrain

    Arr... I just found out there be a pirate language setting on bookface..

    How long has this been a thing. My main wall is now Cap'n's Log. Friends list is Me Hearties, all the times of posts are referred to as turns of the hourglass. Like's are now Arr's. People who like posts's are sometimes refered to as Cap'n <namehere>. Top posts are Great Tales, chat's are...
  12. Nightrain

    Soundcloud Users

    Might want to get some backups of that music you have stored on Soundcloud if you don't already. Looking a bit bleak, though I doubt it'll disappear.
  13. Nightrain

    Everyone's asking if I can play any Ed Sheeran lately..

    :naughty: *Almost nailed it.
  14. Nightrain

    Decisions, decisions..

    I did have a big long post on the go but realised it was dragging on a bit. I'ma shorten it up a little. Bit of backstory - put myself through a year of college doing furniture making, passed with distinction. Started looking around for an apprenticeship (originally started the course as a...
  15. Nightrain

    Out on ze bike

    Got a helmet cam recently and started recording some rides. :) Still on my little 125 but hoping to get my full license before the end of August. Dad behind on the TR6. Was so hot yesterday all I needed was my leather jacket + a tshirt and even that was warm. Anyways, here's a short clip...
  16. Nightrain

    USS Fitzgerald crash

    Y'all seen this? Crazy. Look at the course of the container ship... slightly conspicuous? :eek: Hope they find the folks that are missing and find out what the hell the container ship was thinking.
  17. Nightrain

    Worlds Coolest Chihuahua

    Look at this little guy! Custom helmet and everything! :thumb:
  18. Nightrain

    Lost my best friend today

    I'm gonna miss this little guy so much. When we got him I wasn't even playing guitar. He's been ill for about 6 weeks, took him in for an op and they ran a blood test on him and found his kidneys were failing and he was anaemic. Gave him 2-3 days, he kept going up until Tuesday where he started...
  19. Nightrain

    Hobby Horsing

    . . . . . . . . . :shock: :wtf: :iough:
  20. Nightrain

    Klitschko vs Joshua

    What a great fight! Good that spoiler button thing. :thumb:

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