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  1. drmmrr55

    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    Today I ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe. Not sure when Sweetwater will have them yet, but when they do, one of them will be mine! I like the mini humbuckers, and they are a bit brighter than the full size humbuckers, but a bit tamer than a P-90. It also has a more 50's style neck...
  2. drmmrr55

    NGD 2019 LP Jr. tribute DC

    My new Les Paul Jr. DC tribute came today, on time no less! It looks better than I had hoped, (black wasn't my first choice). The only issue is the fret ends are very sharp, and I need to address that before I play it a lot. (I'm not really into bleeding on my new Gibson). I got it from GC for...
  3. drmmrr55

    New LP JR. tribute dc ebony coming supposedly this Friday

    I ordered a LP Jr. tribute DC in ebony from GC Monday, and the e-mail they sent said it would be here this Friday. I hope it shows up on time! I unfortunately waited too long to pull the trigger to get the worn cherry, but the color (to me anyway), isn't that important anyway. I thought it was a...
  4. drmmrr55

    2020 Original collection LP Special serial numbers?

    Last month, (February), I acquired a 2020 Original collection Les Paul Special in TV yellow, and it has an unusual serial # on it. Instead of starting with the first 2 digits being the year, this one has a # 130490375. I just saw one on the Sweetwater website, and the serial # on that one is...
  5. drmmrr55

    Looking for Replacement tuners for 2020 "Original collection" Les Paul Special

    Hi, I acquired a brand new 2020 Les Paul Special in TV yellow, and I really love the guitar, but would like to change the look slightly. What I'm looking for is drop in replacement Kluson type tuners, with the greenish yellow keystone knobs. I'm a bit of a newb in that department, as all I'm...
  6. drmmrr55

    NGD 2020 Original series Les Paul Special TV yellow

    I am really excited about my latest purchase, It's awesome that Gibson FINALLY made these guitars available without having to go the CS route! These really are quite close to the original '55 Special. A little pricey at $1599.00, but the alternatives, (CS or actual vintage) are a LOT more, and...
  7. drmmrr55

    NGD Gretsch 2420 Streamliner (blem)

    My new Gretsch 2420 Streamliner (blemished) arrived at my front door this a.m., and it's really a good looking axe for a low end hollow-body. I got it for $369.99 new, I think it was a return and I bought it online without trying it out first. It still had the plastic on the pickguard, and on...
  8. drmmrr55

    Posting pics in the updated forum

    For anyone who's is having trouble posting pics after the software upgrade: I found an easy way to reduce the file size of my pics for posting (Windows 10) by opening the pic in my default editor, then right clicking the pic, and a drop down menu appears. I pick resize, and then pick reduce to 2...
  9. drmmrr55

    Factory Firebird V setup is it weird or normal?

    I have a 2016 Gibson Firebird V T, and have played it very little since I bought it in 2016. Anyway, I was cleaning her up to sell it, and I just noticed how it was setup. The bridge and the tailpiece both are quite jacked up on the bass side. It plays fine, so I didn't worry about it much until...
  10. drmmrr55

    Another new SG day 2017 Standard Pelham blue

    Just snagged a 2017 SG Standard Pelham Blue w '57 classics for $800. It's in basically unplayed condition, and is the first SG I've ever owned that doesn't neck dive on me....I'm really elated!
  11. drmmrr55

    Is TDPRI dead now?

    Hi, Tdpri has recently seen a slew of those foreign posts lately, and tonight, I can't get in at all. Have they finally won and ruined the site completely, or maybe they just shut it down to try and fix it? I'm just curious because I can't even log in to complain, or notify of the issues I've...
  12. drmmrr55

    Just ordered a Guild T-bird ST

    Today I just ordered a Guild T-bird ST in white, through Sweetwater for $359.00 I couldn't pass it up. I don't know much about them, other than I love offset style guitars. I think it's a WMI Korean made, but looks very nice, and in the Youtube videos I've seen they sound nice too. I'll post...
  13. drmmrr55

    Finally found a cure for my neck dive, (hint: it's a strap)

    After trying a lot of different things, I've finally found the strap for my "neck dive" problems. I'm so ecstatic, I may well have to get another SG standard! It's a Perri's 2.5" Brown Leather Guitar Strap with Sheepskin Pad Model # DL325-2213 for $24.99. I can let go of my Tele, and my...
  14. drmmrr55

    New pickguard for Firebird V

    I just installed a new pickguard on my '16 Firebird V, and it looks killer. I like the look of the white, but I really love the look of the studio with the black pickguard, so now my Firebird V has one! Before, and after.
  15. drmmrr55

    2016 Standard w/out pickguard installed

    I'm thinking about mounting the pickguard on my 2016 LP Standard T, because it (to me) doesn't look correct without it. The guitar came with one in the case uninstalled. It has a (I think) gorgeous flame maple top, which of course will cover some of that. My question is: if I install it, will it...
  16. drmmrr55

    Thinking of leaving MLP

    I'm quite frustrated with my search working, then not working, working, then not working again. I quite like it here, but would like something a little more stable than is currently happening. Anyone else having these issues?
  17. drmmrr55

    Just scored a '58 Silvertone U1 today.

    I am so pumped, I just got home from trading a 12 string acoustic for a '58 Silvertone U1. It plays/sounds really cool. It has 18 frets, and a 23.5" scale length, so it's not the most versatile guitar....also, no side fret markers, so it'll take some getting used to. It has a bit of a hollowbody...
  18. drmmrr55

    I got a new Marshall DSL40C, should I have the power tubes biased?

    I know this has probably been asked a million times here, but navigating forums is hard for me, so here goes...I just got a new Marshall DSL40C last week, and I'm also a bit of a noob when it comes to tube amps. But I have seen a lot on the 'net about biasing the power tubes. Is this something I...
  19. drmmrr55

    Just pulled the trigger on a Marshall DSL40C

    Hi, I just found and ordered a new Marshall DSL40C from Sweetwater for $399 with free shipping. I didn't really need it, but at that price new, how could I refuse? I have done some research on reviews, and it's a mixed bag. Some say they are awesome, some say they have a lot of probs, and still...
  20. drmmrr55

    2015 Midtown Standard Ebony

    Last year, I got hold of a Ebony 2015 Midtown Standard for $750. It's had the G force tuners removed for Grovers, and a bone nut installed. Anyway it's been pretty much in the case since I got it. I also recently got hold of a 2016 Cherry burst Les Paul Standard "T" (last week) that's just...

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