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  1. hoooos

    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Am I the only one who doesn’t believe this will end tomorrow? spartacus, why do you have any sympathy for this guy? Looks like a fairly clear case of fraud if it’s as stated. You’re the victim here, screw his financial situation.
  2. hoooos

    Lots of People Looking For/At Low Wattage Amps!

    Not sure if it's come up in the last 33 pages and I probably don't have enough experience to make recommendations but I really like the Laney Cub 12R. Full valve, amazing sound and it'll happily do really quiet. Would upload a pic, but apparently it's too big..
  3. hoooos

    Any Motorcycle Riders?

    Depends how much you are willing to spend. I love my Rev'it Dominator GTX kit. First jacket where the armour feels like a leather jacket - everything else I've had the armour moved about and so I wasn't sure how effective it would be if I came off. Trousers go fine over other trousers. The...
  4. hoooos

    Some Gibsons for sale (CONUS only)

    How do you feel about international shipping? I'm interested in the ES LP
  5. hoooos

    probably killed my car

    Hats off to you for your persistence - I'm not massive on Greek mythology but this feels like the guy who has to push a rock up a hill for ever (I looked it up it's Sisyphus). Good luck whatever you do with it.
  6. hoooos

    1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalog

    And I've got the necessary $229.50. Even considering how much the £ is worth. Any takers for the Console Grande?
  7. hoooos

    1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalog

    That's awesome. Other than now I REALLY want an ES-225...
  8. hoooos

    MLP flagged as unsafe by Google

    Why hasn't this site got a security certificate? It's 2019 you can get them for free. Hope no one uses their MLP password anywhere else...
  9. hoooos

    NGD: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Elegant Firemist

    That top is gorgeous and I love the inlays. Congratulations!
  10. hoooos

    Did i mess up my pickguard installation?

    Just whack a bit of sealant in it.. In fact, don't. Don't do this. Sorry you're unhappy with it but it looks fine.
  11. hoooos

    Looking for a new Les Paul, opinions needed

    I bought my last two guitars online so I can't really talk but if you can play it before you buy you'll find something you don't want to let go of. I wouldn't want to buy used without seeing the guitar first. However, if you want a new one because it's yours from new and comes with all the...
  12. hoooos

    NGD- 1999 Standard.

    Nice guitar! How did you get it back from Japan? Did it just go in the hold in the case?
  13. hoooos

    What’s your favourite movie?

    Back to the future
  14. hoooos

    What do you think of this guys. Comments needed before buying

    I think that's a fantastic colour, but from what you've said I'm not sure you do!? Personally I wouldn't buy a guitar that I didn't really like at first sight. Hard when it's there in front of you and the price is right. Alternatively buy it and if you don't grow to love it then move it on and...
  15. hoooos

    Mystery Les Paul Standard, need a little help please

    It really pisses me off when people expect to get what they paid for.
  16. hoooos

    NGD - 2016 Standard HP

    I thought the guitar was going to be ridiculously heavy but it was all the case!
  17. hoooos

    Mystery Les Paul Standard, need a little help please

    Not quite sure how you make that leap, but never mind. Fixing issues after the event is expensive and even more so if people are unreasonable, which many are. There are also lots who wouldn't have the confidence to swap a PCB out and that would result in a returned guitar - Gibson probably...
  18. hoooos

    Mystery Les Paul Standard, need a little help please

    I think that's a bit strong. I don't think it's too much to expect for a company to put process in place to try and catch the natural errors of people. And I'm speaking as someone who has just bought a Gibson and am waiting for them to send a part that should have been in the box... Beautiful...
  19. hoooos

    Unsure about my new 2002 Les Paul Standard Rootbeer Burst. Help please.

    I think the fact you're wavering says it all. There are a number of LPs about at that price point. Send it back and get one you've no doubt about. I'd be worried about if the issues you've outlined can be fixed with just a setup, but others on here know far more about that sort of thing.
  20. hoooos

    NGD - 2016 Standard HP

    I've only got a teeny tiny Blackstar - a decent amp is next on the list but it might be best not to mention it to my wife as she's going to go nuts when that turns up...

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