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  1. Fenderbendr

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul R8

    Looking to buy a 2013 or newer R8 for under $3900. Message me if you have anything I might be interested in!
  2. Fenderbendr

    SOLD: Bacchus Classic Series BLP-CTM

    Putting up my Bacchus Classic Series BLP-CTM for sale that I got from Japan about a month ago. I just can’t bond with traditional Les Pauls for some reason. It’s a really great guitar, is very resonant, plays very well, and is overall very clean besides one scratch and a couple finish swirls...
  3. Fenderbendr

    Gibson Les Paul Junior USA vs Custom Shop

    I’m looking to get a Jr, and I’m just wondering if a used custom shop version is worth 2x the cost of a used USA original collection version. Anyone have experience with both?
  4. Fenderbendr

    SOLD: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 Reissue VOS

    For sale is a 2019 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS in Washed Cherry. This is a very late 2019 model, and has some of the 2020 features like the darker back stain and logo adjustment. This is easily the best Les Paul I’ve played, and has everything you’d want in a really...
  5. Fenderbendr

    WTB: Wizz or Throbak PAF’s

    Looking to buy some Wizz or Throbak PAF’s. Message me if you have anything!
  6. Fenderbendr

    FS: 2019 Gibson Custom Shop R8 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS

    For sale is a 2019 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS in Washed Cherry. This is easily the best Les Paul I’ve played, and has everything you’d want in a really good one. The guitar is all stock and in very good condition, with the normal binding bleed you see on most of the...
  7. Fenderbendr

    SOLD: Gibson Custom Shop ‘61 SG Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS

    For sale is a 2018 Gibson Custom Shop ‘61 Les Paul SG Standard Reissue VOS in cherry red. The guitar is in great shape, with minimal wear overall, besides some light surface scratches here and there from normal use. There is a small piece of the volume knob that chipped off that is shown in a...
  8. Fenderbendr

    How do the new True Historic parts and plastics compare to reproductions from other companies?

    Just curious how the new Gibson True Historic plastics and parts on the newer Les Paul Reissues compare to reproductions from other companies. Are there more historically accurate parts from other manufacturers these days, or are the ones Gibson puts out just as good these days?
  9. Fenderbendr

    NGD: 2020 R8 Washed Cherry

    So I picked up a used 2020 Les Paul R8 VOS in washed cherry a few weeks ago, and I love it. It's the first historic I've owned, and coming from having a few MIJ copies, this is in a whole other league. I tried to get by with the cheaper copies over the years, but I just realized that I needed...
  10. Fenderbendr

    Convince me to not sell my MIJ LP to get a Gibson LP

    So I've been debating whether or not to sell my History RH-LS LP to get a real Gibson Les Paul, mostly for the fact that is says "Gibson" on it and the head stock is correct. I sometimes feel like the History isn't a "real" Les Paul, even though it's a very nice guitar, and I really wish it was...
  11. Fenderbendr

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul R8

    Looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul R8 for around $2900 shipped in the US. PM me if you have anything I might be interested in!
  12. Fenderbendr

    NGD My First MIJ Les Paul

    This is a 1981 MIJ AL-100 Argus Live Road that I got from fellow forum member @Dle189. It’s my first venture into the world of MIJ Les Paul copies, and I couldn’t be happier with it. These Argus Live Road’s seem to be pretty rare, as I only found them mentioned a few times on this forum, and I...
  13. Fenderbendr

    Pickguard help for a MIJ Argus Live Road LP

    I’m trying to get a pickguard on my Argus Live Road LP I just got from a member on here. The Allparts one that people seem to recommend for MIJ Les Pauls doesn’t fit quite right. There’s a sizable gap between the pickup rings, it doesn’t sit flush against the neck, and the screw hole isn’t...
  14. Fenderbendr

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul R7/R8

    Looking for a Gibson Les Paul R7 or R8 around my budget of $2400. No color preferences really, and plain tops are fine. Feel free to Pm me if you have anything I might be interested in.
  15. Fenderbendr

    Which Les Paul copies should I be looking for with a budget of around $700?

    So I’ve been doing some research on different Les Paul type guitars in my price range, but I’m just not really sure where I should look and what brand and models I should be looking for. There just seems to be so many different types out there from Burny, Tokai, Edwards, Orville, Bacchus, etc...
  16. Fenderbendr

    Which Aria Pro ii Leopard Model is this?

    I'm interested in this Aria Pro ii Leopard on Reverb, mostly for the 58 neck the seller claims it has, because there not many les paul type guitars with fat necks in my price range. Do these guitars typically have large necks like the seller says? Also, is the price good on it good, and how...
  17. Fenderbendr

    Which Les Pauls under $800 used have the biggest necks?

    I'm looking to get a Les Paul that has a nice chunky neck, but I'm not sure which ones to look at in my price range. I've heard mixed things about the Tribute 50's guitars having thick necks, and I'm not sure which studio models have big necks and which ones don't. Are there certain years...
  18. Fenderbendr

    SG's with fat necks?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows what Gibson SG's, either current production or from previous years have larger than normal necks. By that I mean not the skinny 60's slim taper necks and more of a 50's profile. I know the SG classic models have big necks, but I'm not a big fan of P90's...
  19. Fenderbendr

    NGD! Black cherry Tribute Plus

    So I recently made a thread asking if I should go for a Standard with upgrades or a stock Tribute Plus. Both were the same price, and I ended up going with the Tribute plus, and I'm glad I did. It needed a good cleaning and setup, and some of the hardware shows some slight traces of rust, but...
  20. Fenderbendr

    Les Paul Tribute plus vs Les Paul standard with upgrades

    I have a chance to get either an Epiphone les Paul standard(not the pro model) with Grover tuners, upgraded Gibson hardware and electronics, and Seymour Duncan humbuckers, or a bone stock Les Paul tribute plus. Both are the same price, and I'm not sure what guitar is better for the money...

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