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  1. drmmrr55

    Why not loctite?

    I only use Loctite on the output jack, as they always seem to come loose, especially during a gig. Make sure to use the right kind, use the permanent thread locker and you'll be damaging your guitar trying get things loose if you need to. There is a temporary Loctite (blue) that I use on all my...
  2. drmmrr55

    Tokai - any ideas on what model this is?

    I'd say it's definitely a high end model, it has a solid maple top, so I think a veneer on top of that is possible, but unlikely.
  3. drmmrr55

    27 year old son , no job for 7 months now, hardly leaves his room playing video games

    I stayed at home till I was 20 yrs old. My Dad reluctantly kicked me out, and though it was a damn hard adjustment, (I was also unemployed at the time), it was the best thing he could have done for me! Figuring out how you are going to survive is a pretty good incentive to get yourself out of...
  4. drmmrr55

    LP Special DC Dual P90's... is this an incredible deal?

    I got my Junior Tribute (my avatar) for $549.99 new during the blowout. The 2 pickup Special Tribute, sells for $999.99 new, and it replaces the Junior Tribute, which they no longer make. So it's just an OK deal IMO.
  5. drmmrr55

    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    I'd hate to have to shell out for '68 spec mini's when I already shelled out $2499.00 for the guitar!
  6. drmmrr55

    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    LOL, no prob on the thin neck, it's a 50's style. It IS however going to be a boat anchor (no weight relief)
  7. drmmrr55

    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    Today I ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe. Not sure when Sweetwater will have them yet, but when they do, one of them will be mine! I like the mini humbuckers, and they are a bit brighter than the full size humbuckers, but a bit tamer than a P-90. It also has a more 50's style neck...
  8. drmmrr55

    2000 Les Paul (1960 model) classic vs a new LP classic.

    If it's from the "original collection", they are very nice pcb, hand wired, but if it's a 1960 model, it will have the slim taper neck. I would say it's at least as good as a 2000 model.
  9. drmmrr55

    NGD Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Sweet, and the price is unbelievable!, Congrats!
  10. drmmrr55


    You are lucky you got it at a pawn shop. Getting your money back should be no hassle!
  11. drmmrr55


    Nice! I got my SG kinda the same way. The price, ($800), was way too good to pass on. Mine was pretty flawless, and in a color I always wanted...Pelham blue! Congrats on your new axe! BTW, this one has '57 classics in both neck & bridge...I love em!
  12. drmmrr55

    Which Telecaster Should I Nab?

    I don't know every nuance of MIM Tele's but, I'm pretty sure they didn't come with 22 fret necks, and the bridges (on the standards anyway), came with a flat steel bridge plate, and not the ashtray style. They were also six saddle bridges to the best of my knowledge. It is however a pretty Tele...
  13. drmmrr55

    SG - what should I be looking for?

    Yep, and in a Les Paul, it will sound different than them both!
  14. drmmrr55

    SG - what should I be looking for?

    For me, it's balance is crucial. I like slim taper necks because I have small hands. I have this 2017 SG standard in Pelham blue with '57 classics, (my favs). stock locking Grover tuners, and no neck dive. You can always change pickups/pots/caps, but it's damn hard to find a well balanced SG. I...
  15. drmmrr55

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    My current #1 LP is a 2019 OC Special. I changed the tuners to keystones, and a custom engraved TR cover with my nickname engraved. My #2 LP, is a tribute that I paid $599 last spring. Man, I guess you can tell...I love P90's!
  16. drmmrr55

    Question re Headstock - 2020 Les Paul Special Original Collection

    Yes, silk screen Gibson logo, TOM bridge with stop tailpiece saying "Les Paul Model", is marketed as a Les Paul Junior Special. The Mop Gibson logo with the wraptail bridge is an original collection and says "Les Paul Special" on the silk screen.
  17. drmmrr55

    What has happened to Taylor?

    You can also change the neck angle to taste, some like a higher action, some lower. There are numbers on both shims, and what the numbers total up to, determines the relief angle. From the factory, they are usually set for a pretty low action, that's why almost all Taylor's, play so easily right...
  18. drmmrr55

    What has happened to Taylor?

    The action/relief angle on any Taylor acoustic can be easily adjusted by any authorized Taylor tech, who will have the proper shims to adjust the relief angle. Since all Taylors have bolt-on necks it's a pretty easy fix, they are precision machined, and the action is set at the factory using...
  19. drmmrr55

    Help dating this LP

    Binding on the back...pretty big tell that it started life as an LP Custom. It might be possible that it came with the trapezoid inlay fretboard, but I'm inclined to think the original block inlay fretboard was replaced, perhaps because the truss rod was damaged/broken. The easiest way to fix a...

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