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  1. ajory72

    Procol Harum/Gary Moore 50's Les Paul - where is it now?

    Hi all, Watching a cool Skid Row video from 1971 with Gary Moore playing this awesome sounded - extremely modified 1950's Les Paul Standard left me wondering - where is it now? Any ideas? Youtube link = Skid Row 1971 Beat-Club
  2. ajory72

    Epi Dot - pickguard mod

    Last fathers day my missus and the kids surprised me by letting me go out and spend some Aussie $$$'s on a guitar, - which was surprising as I have about 7 already, but I'd been gassing over Eric Claptons ES335 for some time, and had started saving up to buy the cheapest copy of one I could...
  3. ajory72

    Robbie Krieger Custom Replica [attempt]

    Has anyone here tried to do their own take on Robbie Kriegers Les Paul Custom? Here is a pick of Gibsons Custom shop replica: Here is my take on this guitar - I couldnt afford one, so thought i'd go the next best route and make one, I guess the only real resemblance apart from the sound...
  4. ajory72

    Rotar pickups -[I had to post this though isnt mine]

    Here is an example of an inspiring A/B pick up testing guitar. Enjoy;
  5. ajory72

    ROTARY pick up TELECASTER style guitar

    Check this out my compadre's I want one now - even if I have to build it!!!!!
  6. ajory72

    Bursts in the Netherlands - 1970's Prog Rock era

    Thought i'd add this to the vintage section, for those interested in Prog rock coming out of the Netherlands and Bursts [goo dmix I think :) ] Band: Made in Sweden Song: Lady G Band: November Song: Tillback Till Stockholm (1971)
  7. ajory72

    Epiphone modifications - single pickup & Shadow Tuner

    My Epi has been laying in a case for about 2-3 years, I bought it in 2009 for $800 AUD - its an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Honey Burst Plus Top. Plays like butter - but even with 50's wiring and Russian caps I could not get rid of its muddy tone, AND it weighs a ton - must be close to 9-10...
  8. ajory72

    1959 - Burst for sale "Ralphie"

    This sale is not related to me, or anyone I know. Just posting as thought it would be a good discussion. re:
  9. ajory72

    Studio - Historic Makeover query

    Hello forum Les Paul lovers, Would it be possible to buy a Gibson Les Paul Studio and send it to Historic Makeovers - for the full makeover.... and come away with the closest you could get to a burst? - or at least a "True Historic" ??? I've heard it said around this forum and on youtube...
  10. ajory72

    How to turn 6 string Les Paul into 12 string

    I bet after reading the title you thought its time to slam this dreamer!!! But I hope I can convince you this might be do-able, and a little back ground - I like to create oddities - lately [my last build was a shocking Tele-flop....SkyJerk might remember] this time though I am looking at...
  11. ajory72

    Tuners - single or double? repro or orig?

    Hi all, Having had kluson single line - single ring Green keys on my repro Les Paul for 3 years I had always gassed to have some tuners that looks as aged as the rest of the guitar.... so when I saw as set of Kluson Deluxe Double Line, Double Ring Keystone Tuners Aged Nickel by ThroBak for sale...
  12. ajory72

    Capcitors or resistors for treble bleed - whats the diff?

    Hi all, I recently have been working on a guitar with a P90 bridge and mini humbucker for the neck pick ups and found they got quite muddy when vol rolled down - not sure if the pots are linear or not - I use a 250K for the P90 and a 500k for the humbucker - but thought about treble bleed as a...
  13. ajory72

    very microphonic pickup wanted

    Hi all, I'm after either a P90 or mini/firebird humbucker that is so microphonic you can talk into it... I know the cons about them but am after one - dont care about brand, I've heard Japanese brand pickups tend to be quite microphonic and has been my experience but cant find any that...
  14. ajory72

    Pete Townshend Deluxe

    My apologies if there is already a thread about Pete's custom shop re-issues. I've been pouring over his music, old Who videos, interviews and other assorted bibs and bobs and wanted to show off, what I think is the ultimate Norlin beast! They must have been weighty guitars in the day and...
  15. ajory72

    Vintage 1959 Junior

    Hi all, Saw this 1959 Junior on ebay for sale - 2 days left and wondered if it sounds like too much of a "players" guitar - has headstock break, I noticed a screw in the fretboard by/on 19th fret. Also had a neck pickup routed and bigsby installed at some point... non original tuners... Asking...
  16. ajory72

    Tele - botched :(

    Hi all, My last build was a Les Paul 54 [see my avatar] was a difficult build but I got very - very lucky using hand saws, files and hand drills to get it done....and its my go to beauty [I call it "the coffin blaster" = as its going to the grave with me :slash: ] That being said I tried my...
  17. ajory72

    Les Paul Sunken Treasure

    Sounds too good to be true? The Les Paul Sunken Treasure model - limited to a run of 150 :cool: Anybody here pulling the trigger on one? or has already? They look great, I love an all mahogany guitar - not sure how they are sinking the wood etc. but I like this idea! link: Les Paul Sunken...
  18. ajory72

    Transperformance Historic

    2001 58 Gibson Custom Authentic Historic R8 1958 Les Paul Transperformance Tuner | eBay Interesting price considering they've changed the layout etc on the TP's + install costs - does this look like good value? [no affiliation and I cant afford it - still interested in discussing it] [edit] I...
  19. ajory72

    Aged knobs - show em

    Just installed a lovely set of aged speed knobs from 59 Parts on my 54 repro Les Paul. I know aged stuff isn't for everyone - and I appreciate that, I used to love everything shiny and new, but now I like the feel of worn in, and also I don't care so much if they do get scratched etc.... I...
  20. ajory72

    Tommy Colletti Signature Custom

    I love a nice custom Les Paul as much as the next person - and when its a Black Beauty you can count me in, marry to that the year 1959 and I'm SOLD! however.... Why does this Tommy Colletti get a collectors edition? because he owns one and has sold lots of Gibson's? No offence to Mr...

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