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  1. HenryHill

    New PC Advice

    Cooling noise and heat issue aside, my Pavilion has neen good to me for 5+ years, but I want a backup for the inevitable. Looking at HP 15T or 17T HP Envy. I think they are fairly different like maybe different structures completely but with similar names and features. I think the...
  2. HenryHill

    Shnoodle Doodle

    Buddy at works thinks we have become desensitized to the the slam Fvck You! He thinks that after a hundred years or so, it's just blase, and we need something stronger to fully convey the sentiment. We googled German insults, and they just don't roll off the tongue with sufficient force, for...
  3. HenryHill

    Chrome-Waiting For Cache

    What gives? This bug has been going on for many, many years, apparently, and while a decent browser while Firefox was spiraling down, Chrome has gotten to be nearly unusable due to the Waiting for cache issue. Clearing cache doesn't seem to be the cure for it. Is there a cure?
  4. HenryHill

    Wink, Wink

    Sure there's no affirming comment. :naughty: Didn't see that one coming.
  5. HenryHill

    SSD Migration

    I've got HD clicking, a lot of waiting for cache, and I think I need to do something about it pretty quick. :hmm: I'm thinking I need a 7.0mm, 2.5" form factor SATA SSD, and that I want to get a SATA III cable and probably an Internal Drive Mounting kit. I have External HD's for backup, but I...
  6. HenryHill

    Caution To The Wind-Existentialism Episode

    With the delirium of a 13+ hours straight day of extreme technical and physical activity, and a combined 3 hour commute, the third such exertion this week, I seek to research and possibly de-evolve my existence with my subsequent action. I don't know what will happen, Mod School never touched...
  7. HenryHill

    Radio Classics-SiriusXM

    I commute; damn, do I commute. :shock: I listen to several, no, many different stations on SiriusXM, and I don't care how good the station or how great the tunes, it just gets old. So there I was, pushing buttons and nothing hooked me. So I started hitting the 'up' channel selector...
  8. HenryHill

    Sell Me On Your Country

    Mine has me wondering, and I think I'd like New Zealand or Australia. Or maybe the Seychelles. I'm sorta disappointed lately in the American Experience thing. Tell me why your country is where I should book a flight to emigrate to. I think you guys know what I like. :naughty:
  9. HenryHill

    OK, Now

    Frogfur, fett's at Camp. You're on. :laugh2:
  10. HenryHill

    Luddite Of The Year

    I lol'd when I learned they actually had a Luddite Of The Year award. And then to see who was nominated was eyebrow raising. Elon Musk nominated for 'luddite' of the year prize over artificial intelligence fears | Technology | The Guardian
  11. HenryHill

    No Good Deed

    Friend at work tells me they were searching for this missing young adult girl, and had a specific description of the type and color of the suspect's car, with specific damage all down one side of the car. He's driving down I-696, sees that exact specific car and damage, and calls the state...
  12. HenryHill

    Rudolf Got Used

    If I had been treated like Rudolf got treated by Santa and all of the other reindeer, and then when one cold foggy Christmas Eve, Santa and all the rest of the reindeer needed my help, I'd have told them to eat me. Fvck them and their reindeer games. You gotta stand up for yourself in life.
  13. HenryHill

    Bad Boys Bad Boys

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark :naughty: I remember when the Baseball Betting Scandal was supposed to be a BFD. Those Futbol-ers really know how to do it. :laugh2: I read a story earlier in the week that said the Central and South American guys were real deep in this mess...
  14. HenryHill

    Cars Of Stars

    I like the pictures. Bruce's '60 'Vette wouldn't embed. :( Rock star cars: under the bonnets of Johnny Cash, Snoop Dogg and Dolly Parton
  15. HenryHill

    Einstein Under Scrutiny

    Testing Einsteins theory of Relativity by measuring time separately on two different spacecraft in different orbits. I've always been skeptical that time is different in different circumstances. Satellite launch accident provides unexpected test of Einstein
  16. HenryHill

    LP Custom $399 SDOTD

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Blackback PRO Electric Guitar Antique Ivory Today's Price $399.00 List: $999.00 Regular Price: $599.00 Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend
  17. HenryHill

    Christmas Music

    I welcome the annual return to a simpler frame of mind. And the beauty of it is, it sends my coworkers right into the stratosphere, so I change it back for the lolz. pablum
  18. HenryHill

    Everybody Wears Black

    You stuck out when you wore black all thru the 60's and 70's, even performers. Hell, even the 80's. But now, I see so much black apparel, it's defintely a thing. FTR, outside of 'cool' printed shirts, I wear nothing but black t-shirts. It's on the muckety mucks, and the kids alike...
  19. HenryHill

    The Irony

    This is a weird story, but it's all true. It takes some set-up, but the outcome is worth it. :naughty: I work with a guy who is appealing to girls, gift of gab and flatter, and full of confidence. They eat it up. He's living with one, got another one on the side, and is still dealing the whole...
  20. HenryHill

    What Do You Love?

    I don't give 2 sh!ts about what you don't like; there ain't no accounting for taste, and hate generally has about one factor that makes it something you can live without. I get that. I hate an awful lot of things. :naughty: But for me, the things you love mean a lot to me when we're talking...

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