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    New Guitars

    Picked this up last month.......... Styling axe, plays great. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Picked this up yesterday Plays great Fast without having the skinny neck It was a toss up between this...
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    Well, my girl bought a bar

    Yup After looking at locations in both our home town of Edmonton & in Costa Rica she made a move and bought a place in town. :cheers2: The places we looked at in Costa Rica were just too much money. Beachside (or close) was really the only option she wanted & the asking price was astronomical...
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    A Little Vacation Time

    Going to Costa Rica. For a month I leave Thursday morning. Been putting this thing together since last March. Playa Samara Third Bungalow (on stilts) from the right. Two weeks Oh Yeah......that white stuff in front is the freaking beach...
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    He IS a Replicant!!

    Ridley Scott is going to direct Blade Runner 2. Gave a script to Harrison Ford who loves it. Says "It's the best script I have ever read" Blade Runner 2: Harrison Ford's reaction, possibly Blade Runner 3
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    CNC Machines

    Interesting rant from Ed Roman on CNC machines and Gibson. Those machines pump out 250 guitars per day....:shock: Forgive me if this has been posted up already. I only stumbled across it myself yesterday through a friend. :)
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    Guitar Magazines

    Hey I've been offered a subscription to a guitar mag. of my choice for a Christmas gift. I already subscribe to Guitar Player. Pretty much straight up Blues/Rock genre is my shtick. Any suggestions on another magazine? It would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Peace...
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    System failure or deserves everything he gets?

    This guy..............I feel bad for him despite my best efforts to want to cast him as the villain he really is. 6 years out of the last 50 spent on the street. This guy was no angel and deserved pretty much everything he got. But still............IDK Guy was celebrating when the FBI...
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    First GAS First guitar

    My 15 year old step son bought his first guitar over the weekend. He's been playing for about 3 years and is getting pretty good. He's got a small stable of guitars that have been given to him. Not to mention the 9 or 10 of mine that he's free to play anytime he wants. But nothing he's...
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    New Years Gig

    Anybody got one? We play tonight. Generally the New Years gig is the most lucrative of the year and this is no exception. Set lists Little Bones......................Tragically Hip Raise A Little Hell...............Trooper Money For Nothing.............Dire Straits Are You Going My...
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    Maltese Falcon

    How cool is this? I love Bogart movies and this is one of my fav's 'Maltese Falcon' statue sells for over $4 million at auction - News - MSN CA Sold for over $4,000,000......WOW....."the stuff dreams are made of" The Maltese Falcon - The Maltese Falcon (8/10) Movie CLIP (1941) HD -...
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    The Mighty Zep

    April 14, 1970 I was 15 years old. I had attended my first ever rock N roll concert some months before. The Who in their "smashing instruments" phase and I was impressed. But on this date I had gotten tickets to see Led Zeppelin. This concert was a turning point. The POWER, the intensity...
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    Contemporary philosophers

    As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder. ~ John Glenn *****When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we...
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    Need some advice

    I have a current situation with one of our gigging arrangements. We have been booking a club date on a regular cycle with an outside production company. They would be considered a "small time" company. One guy just putting it all together. For the sake of this conversation we'll call him...
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    Well, I got stiffed

    No this doesn't belong in the Afterhours section.......:laugh2: Played a festival on Saturday and we got stiffed by the promoter. The Dragonfly Festival 1st time I got ripped off. I knew going in that things were a little...ummmmm.....shaky. Constant flip flopping of bands and...
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    Clash of the Nerds

    How awesome is this........... 15 May 2013 Last updated at 12:17 ET Star Wars and Doctor Who fans clash at Norwich convention Police were called following an argument between two rival groups of sci-fi fans at the event in Norwich Police were called to a science...
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    For your Friday amusement.....

    Shudder I don't know who these guys are but wow.... Be warned it's a few minutes you'll never get back. EDIT: THIS IS NOT MY BAND...GOOD GAWD :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    Friday Night

    I thought I would share an experience I had on Friday night. Had a gig an hour out of town. No biggie, I've done lots of them. The roads were pretty slick as we had had a heavy snow fall the day before. Gig was fantastic, big crowd, lots of dancing and action all night long. I played...
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    Game of thrones

    March 31 Season 3 Based on the first half of book three. I have NOT read the books so please, if you have read them, spare us all the spoilers. I hope Joffrey gets his. Little prick And now what?? Tywin Interesting to see what happens with Jaime & Brienne And the rest of the...
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    I'm pretty sure that virtually anybody that plays an acoustic has experimented with a capo at one time or another. But what about your electrics? Any of you use one.....and do you use it when playing shows? I'm thinking of using one for Paint It Black by the Stones. Gonna give it a go to...
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    Cool Man Chair

    I want one.....:thumb: Best man chair ever on MSN Video :)

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