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  1. Geronimo

    Which Fender guitar do you think compliments a Les Paul the best?

    A nice Stratocaster.
  2. Geronimo

    New/old finishes you'd like to see offered?

    They missed “Heather Poly Mist”
  3. Geronimo

    1985 Firebird VII in Heather Poly

    That’s a beauty. Heather poly is my favorite color and thank goodness it hasn’t been done to death like they did with Pelham Blue. Here’s my SG custom in heather Love custom colors
  4. Geronimo

    Did i just ruin a nice guitar?

    Love what you’ve done to it.
  5. Geronimo

    NGD - Does This Count as a Les Paul?

    ....or this!
  6. Geronimo

    Let's See Some Pelham Blue LP's

    You don’t see enough Heather Poly Mist!
  7. Geronimo

    Let's See Some Pelham Blue LP's

    That should say “After & Before”
  8. Geronimo

    Let's See Some Pelham Blue LP's

    Before and after
  9. Geronimo

    Anyone notice pelham blue not so pelham recently?

    I’m a little late here but here’s two pics of mine. I changed the plastic on it when I got it.
  10. Geronimo

    pelham blue thread

    2013 Standard Traditional Pro. Before and after.
  11. Geronimo

    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    Maybe it’s from IKEA
  12. Geronimo

    NGD...My new 2020 R0

    My cousin has TWO Joe Walsh models. One VOS and one aged. Equally beautiful. Congratulations
  13. Geronimo

    NGD...My new 2020 R0

    that’s gorgeous. I have a tangerine burst cs336. The color is what drew me to it.
  14. Geronimo

    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    USE IT!
  15. Geronimo

    Buying a more modern faster playing Gibson?

    This is my 2019 Gibson Custom Les Paul Special DC Figured top. I love my 2013 R8 but this is all I play now. It weighs 7.4 lbs, I have access to all the frets and it sounds glorious.
  16. Geronimo

    Pelham Blue Studio Trim Color: Black or Cream?

    The above pics are my 2011 Traditional Pro before and after. I like black.
  17. Geronimo

    Who also plays bass?

    I started playing guitar around age 7. I picked up the bass when I was around 11. I had started a band with my brother and we practiced at my parents house. This was around 1966. The bass player would leave his stuff at our house and I started noodling and picked it up pretty quickly. Drums too...

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