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    Meaningful Acquisition: Custom Shop or Vintage

    I will be turning 40 this year and have a budget of about $10k to acquire a meaningful item to commemorate the occasion. This would be something of value that I would basically never sell. I would like to get a Goldtop Les Paul. As I'm looking out there, good vintage options would be a loved...
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    NGD - Hot-rodded 2020 Les Paul Classic

    Picked this up from @Pop1655 here on MLP. My first Gibson. Couldn't be happier. Upgraded plastics and hardware, Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups, CTS pots. I was looking for a standard but didn't love the colors other than a Goldtop. Luckily I ran across this!
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    Trade Feeler: Marshall SL 5 for Fender Amp

    I have been drooling over a Priceton Reverb (ri or vintage) and wanted to throw out a trade for my great shape Marshall SL5 Slash amp (+$ from me). I got it from a board member a year or so ago. It sounds great, I just cant turn it up quite loud enough to get the good out of it. I'm in...
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    Open String fret buzz after new nut

    So I won't mentioned who in the Atlanta area did my work for me, but assured it was a shop in Buckhead that had many good reviews on many guitar forums. I am just plain unhappy with what I received back from them. I am posting this because as someone new to actually learning about guitars...
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    2002 Les Paul - What color?

    What color is this? By the serial, its a 2002 MIK.
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    WTB - Epiphone Tribute and Fender Blues Jr NOS

    New to the site and les pauls in general, but learning a lot reading the forums. Looking for a Epiphone Tribute preferably vintage sunburst Also looking for a fender blues Jr nos amp. I have a perfect big auction site and PayPal record for reference. Thanks!

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