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  1. fpatton

    NGD - Standard '60s, Iced Tea

    After many years in the "Epiphone-only" club, and after 40 years of wanting a genuine Gibson Les Paul, I finally got it in my head that if I waited until I was worthy of it, I would never own one. So for the past few months I've been perusing the local shops, online shops and Reverb for exactly...
  2. fpatton

    NGD: LP Pro Goldtop

    Howdy, It's been a while since I've posted (I think since I acquired my Budokan LP), but I paid Guitar Showcase in San Jose a visit yesterday to purchase a strap for a bass I just finished (tiny bit of it visible in the lower left of the pic below) when I saw this beauty hanging on the wall...
  3. fpatton

    Dunlops on my Budokan (pics)

    For those trying to decide about strap locks, I thought I'd take a couple of pictures of my Dunlop installation to address some questions I've read. First, there always seems to be a question about screw sizes, and whether the screws that come with whichever lock will be the right size. The...
  4. fpatton

    Hnbd - #29!

    Well, I suppose they all basically look alike, but here are some better shots of #29, along with a few family photos. The other LP is the Memphis LP copy I've had since around 1981, the closest I could come at the time to Ace's guitar. (Sorry about the fingerprints. Didn't see them until...

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