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    Pale fretboard on a 2009 studio?

    It looks like a great guitar. Don't allow you to box off your mind to Gibson tropes like mahogany, rosewood, ebony, etc. A good guitar can be made out any kind of material.
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    Gibson? I don't think I'll get a new Fender bass until possibly fall. Summer is the closest prediction they'll have some stock in.
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    Epiphone Crestwood Custom (the new ones..)

    Better tell Taylor he's making his guitars wrong.
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    NGD Fender Mirror Jimmy Page tele

    I wish I kept mine... The pickups were amazing.
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    Les Paul Special Pawn Shop Find

    Because some people don't have all the cash they need for a purchase at one time and don't want to risk leaving it for someone else to buy.
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    1958 Les Paul Special at Goodwill

    I'd like to know where that guy gets his money.
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    It is actually a superior headstock despite looking goofy.
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    Heritage Guitars Custom Shop Disappointment

    I really want a H150 but with a three piece maple neck. I contacted the Custom Shop and the rep told me they used to use that neck configuration but no longer do it. I'm a little shocked they have a Custom Shop advertising "Let our years of experience and expertise turn your vision of the dream...
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    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    I suspect Gibson is actually kicking themselves for spending so much money into the Epiphone factory instead of a Mexican factory. Mexico puts our some great Fenders.
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    Is this Ash ?

    Depends on the guitar. My American sunburst Jazz is alder while my former American Jazz clear was distinctly labeled as ash. Ash even before the ash was a feature.
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    My LP Traditional strap slipped off 2 times while playing today...

    No one to blame but yourself. Buy a few Grolsch washers or a pair of strap locks. Not a lot of money either option.
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    Ordered a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    My favorite of the new line. Might have to buy one.
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    I think its time to hang my Les Paul...

    Only retire a guitar when it becomes impossible to refret or the neck warps.
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    Bigsby. Love it or loathe it on a Les Paul? What do you think?

    I like them. They're not a great device on a mahogany neck, though.
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    Is a High Spot on Les Paul Headstock Face Typical?

    Standard six-inches or metric? Asian penises are smaller.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I just wanted a thank you. Both people working were just disinterested. Apparently, I got the "right" guitar but the serial number on the warehouse sheet was that of the Jimmy Page model. No one had any idea. I could have taken it to them for warranty work and the serial numbers would have...
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    Aging a New Les Paul Junior

    Step on the neck and break the headstock. Ultimate Gibson aging technique.
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    Epiphone Strats?

    I seen one in a pawn shop a few years ago. It was neat seeing a Strat with a batwing headstock. Looked good, actually. I should see if they still have it. EDIT: A quick Kijiji search resulted in a few ads.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I returned the JP Tele in mint condition, really going to miss it. The Long & McQuade clerk was somewhat bemused and uninterested. 'Didn't even get a thank you. Honesty doesn't really pay.

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