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  1. Macronaut

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Custom F Siberian Tiger

    Good luck...never say never...keep at it.
  2. Macronaut

    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    I would like to add... Up until the the I got this Custom, as much as I hesitate to admit, I found that many of my preferred "go to" guitars were my least expensive. That is not to detract from the "value" of each. I have also played some "Customs" that I would not even bother to play even if...
  3. Macronaut

    what headphone do you use for playing with amp?

    I just edited my post. Please review. Sorry for any confusion ;)
  4. Macronaut

    what headphone do you use for playing with amp?

    I just reread my previous post and have edited it with a correction..."NO" detectable latency". Sorry for the inadvertent bad :(
  5. Macronaut

    what headphone do you use for playing with amp?

    I've been using Sennheiser HDR 180 wireless with my Boss ME-80 and get a great, almost studio quality sound with no latency issues. As a matter of fact, I can use them together with my Xvive U2 wireless system with no detectable latency. I believe that the latest technology has taken care of...
  6. Macronaut

    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    Added this one a little while back. It now beats my 2017 Standard HP and Taylor T5 Custom for price. 2008 Custom '68 Reissue.
  7. Macronaut

    Buckethead Signature Les Paul - Desirable?

    The only thing about this model that appeals to me is the scale length, as I would like to add a Baritone type to what I have. However, there are far more (better) options to fill that slot when you consider the price.
  8. Macronaut

    LP Custom Diamond head Cherry + Flame top = too over the top?

    I questioned this being over the top when I bought it, and perhaps it is but, I love it!!! Get what you want. You know we will back you up no matter what.... ;)
  9. Macronaut

    My little girls rocking out.

    Or in just a few years.
  10. Macronaut

    My little girls rocking out.

  11. Macronaut

    New LP!!

    Congrats on your "first" LP or at least, "first" Gibson. Rest assured, more will follow.
  12. Macronaut

    White Gibson Les Paul Studio (2009)

    And after a while, it may start to change color to something more creamy.... '94 Studio which plays as buttery as it looks :dude:
  13. Macronaut

    Is this lefty fake? (upside-down headstock)

    Dang! I had to wait almost 7 years to find out there's yet another one like this out there. ;)
  14. Macronaut

    So confused about Rx prices...?

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Most of which I had surmised already. It just seems that so many prices are out of line with reality. I can get new for right at $5K with quite a few options on colors and tops. I did go to a local shop (Mike's Guitar Parlor) and checked out some very...
  15. Macronaut

    So confused about Rx prices...?

    ROFLMO :rofl: :applause:
  16. Macronaut

    Another NGD Update - 2011 Les Paul Special

    Both are nice! I’m sure glad I am not the one that has to decide.
  17. Macronaut

    So confused about Rx prices...?

    I have been shopping for mostly R9s, but also considering R8s and R0s. What really confuses me is...that I can purchase a brand new R9 (or such) for a few hundred more than a used one a few years old. In many cases I would pay more for a used one. I keep hearing people here say you can get a...
  18. Macronaut

    GAS'n for '58 Historic. I probably shouldn't, but I might.

    I don’t think that anyone here is going to try to talk you out of getting it. I say “do it “
  19. Macronaut

    Bigsby: Do i really need a roller bridge?

    I would hope that after eight years, the OP has got it sorted out. :cool:
  20. Macronaut

    The ES335 is best non Les Paul Gibson ever

    Having said this and in retrospect, as mush as I love my 335, It doesn't get as much play time as my LP's. Perhaps because I have so many guitars to cover so much ground, that it's hard to divide the limited time I have to play. Or, maybe because there are so many flavors of LP's compared to 335...

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