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    tele pickups for sale: lollar/mare

    i have a couple tele pickups for sale. first is a set of lollar's. they are the "special" bridge pickup, and the "vintage" neck pickup. they are from 2016, but are in mint condition. they have full length leads, and mounting hardware. $180.00 as pp gift, or you add fees. next up is a don...
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    looking for the fastest feet in the west. :)

    my buddy claims to be just that, but when we were playing around at a party last night, i asked him if he could play this tune (at this tempo) with the double bass idea i was hearing. he wasn't quite getting the gist (even though it's pretty simple, and yet almost impossible). i told him i'd...
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    can anyone here reshape my tele neck?

    if this isn't an appropriate request here, then go ahead and delete it. what i have is an allparts tele (rosewood board) neck that i ordered finished in a nitro relic look. there was a miscommunication on the neck profile. i didn't want the "fat" version, but that's what i have. what i'd like...
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    deluxe reverb kit build (ab763) question

    i have a guy who is selling a dr build that has some very nice components, but i have some reservations, after looking at the chassis photos. if anyone here builds/repairs amps, i'd like your feedback (haha) on this. it's not the prettiest wiring work i've seen, but i'm just curious if people...
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    FS: 2007 Fender Baja tele loaded body

    pretty much sums it up. price is $330.00, plus ups shipping (should be around 30 bucks). the body is in mostly excellent condition, with one ding, and a few surface scratches. what you get: body in desert sand finish original pickups (twisted tele neck, broadcaster bridge) bridge with three...
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    am i a paf heretic?

    i bought a set of paf pickups from a very famous winder (in these parts) a year ago. the winder can remain anonymous. who it is isn't germane to the query. these particular pickups had a4 magnets in them. they sounded great, but i as just thinking they were a little too muddy. the guitar is a...
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    probably the wrong fora, but wth...

    vince gill playing duane allman's old '57 gold top. he exhibits, much like mark knopfler has for years, that guys associated with fenders can also do magic with a les paul in their paws. it's an old video, and has probably already made the rounds in here, but i just saw it tonight. the extended...
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    movin' on up...

    to .11 strings on my lps. i did a test run on one of them, and i think i'm going to make it standard on all my lps. i got too lazy playing .10s on the short scales. :) with the .11s, they feel rather similar to the .10s i play on my fenders. this--of course--will be dependent on whether or not...
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    the hunt for the ultimate "chirp"

    sure, this has the potential to be a nightmare thread, but wth, i'll start it anyway. :) well, we all know strats have their "quacks", while lps and teles have their "chirps". i know i'm probably in a small minority when i say it, but i really, REALLY value the sound of both pickups engaged. i...
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    FT: my classic series '50s tele neck for your '50s baja tele neck

    title pretty much sums it up. i'm in so cal, so local trades would be best, but we can ship. my neck is in excellent condition, and would only accept trades for likewise.
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    has a magnet swap ever saved you from selling pickups/guitars?

    just curious. for how little effort it takes to swap magnets in humbuckers/p90s, i'm wondering if that effort has ever kept anyone from ditching either a pickup, or even a guitar. and yes, to answer my own question, it has had that effect in my own personal experience. :)
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    social media for musicians 411

    so, i have a friend (yes, really) who wants to start getting some gigs. he's basically one guitar and vocals, looking for winery/folk house gigs. he hasn't recorded any tunes, something i've been trying to get him to do for years. anyway, he may in the next month or so. he's also an older guy...
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    possible trade: '08 g0 (r0) for???

    i have a very nice condition '08 historic g0 (r0) with a very nice set of wizz dc peter green pickups (magnet flipped for standard middle position) in it. the finish is a darkburst plain top, and the back is something to behold, as well as the fret board. i don't really know what i want...
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    NPD: green rhino mkiv

    i've been through quite a few od pedals, in search of "one" that can sound great with all my guitars and amps. that's a tall task, and has been pretty futile for a couple years; however, i just took a flyer on a green rhino mkiv that i saw on a local cl add, and man, it is very nice. i had been...
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    opinions wanted: two solo tones

    this is just an idea i was tooling around with. forget the playing, i'm just deciding which guitar sits better in the mix as a whole. first: les paul custom. second: telecaster i may...
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    generic old tube amp question

    i have a (barely played anymore) 1982 jcm 800 50 watt 2x12 combo (4104). i gave it to my son, but he still hasn't taken it. it's still at my place. i tuned it on today for a while (god, this amp does sound sweet cranked up a little), but after about two hours playing, it started to cut out, as...
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    am i seeing things? tom bridge placement

    am i imagining things, or do certain model lps have different bridge alignments? as in some lie parallel with the bridge pickup, and some seem to taper from closer to the high e, to further away to the low e. again, am i hallucinating?
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    looking for non-tone robbing aged gold covers

    i have a great edwards black custom (that i love), but sold the duncans that came with it, and replaced them with some much nicer pickups (wolfetone in the bridge, and another winder in the neck). but both of these are uncovered, and mismatched (wt is dc, the other is db, with gold...
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    two single coil guitar eargasms

    yes, knopfler is a genius, but this live video also features his second guitarist (sorry, i don't know who he is) playing an obviously worthy blackguard tele. the tonal symbiosis between the tele and knopfler's danelectro is marvelous. i was listening to shangri-la earlier tonight (after...
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    clothed, or buck naked?

    as in pick guards. what's your preference? i like pick guards on LPs, but am debating shedding the one on my black custom. to me--personally--the contrast added doesn't detract from the aesthetic. but black on black (in my case) might be better served by the carve. just looking for opinions.

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