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    Should i change my 2018 Ebony Les Paul Classic hardware to gold?

    Trying to decide if i should change the hardware in my '18 LP Classic to gold? If so lmk what bridge and tuners u recommend
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    Polyurethane over Wood Stain

    How many coats of poly would i need over a wood stain before i can safely start to lightly sand without disturbing my colour underneath? Like wet sanding to fill wood grain / create a smooth finish
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    Help with butterscotch blonde tele finish

    Just bought an unfinished ash tele body and i want to finish it transparent butterscotch blonde...any tips/insight would be appreciated
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    NPD SolidGoldFX C/S Fuzz

    Just got my hands on an "If 6 Was 9 Germanium Copper Edition" this morning ... looking forward messing around with it this weekend.
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    Creamtone wiring harnesses

    Anyone have experience with them? Are they any good? Thinking of getting a tele harness from them.
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    School me on Custom shop strats

    Ive been contemplating upgrading my American Standard and getting a Fender C/S Strat But there are all these different specific year and neck shapes and n pickups and etc etc I kinda got my eye on the 1959 Vintage Custom Chocolate Burst but thought id ask for any insight for those who might...
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    NAD - Trinity Amps Tweed 5E3 Build

    My friend and i just finished building a Trinity Amps Tweed Kit, mounted it in a Mission Amps finger jointed pine cabinet and loaded it with a Weber 12A125A speaker Pretty killer ... very happy with how it turned out
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    2008 C/S VOS Goldtop?

    Offered my gear for a potential trade and came across this 2008 C/S Gibson LP. Owner claims it to be a VOS Gold Top. Has black back, and apparently 60s Neck, ebony board and '57 pups? Does anyone know anything about this model? Cuz i cant find anything...
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    Trade for a 2012 R8?

    I have a 2013 lp std, 2015 fender usa std and a 2018 sg jr...was thinking of swapping all for a 2012 R8...anything i should be looking for? Or am i crazy? I dont play much right now so its kind of an upward trade combo with a downsize the collection Any advice is appreciated
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    Would u trade a Standard and a Studio for a Custom?

    Got an offer for a 2005 Custom Ebony for my 2013 Standard Desertburst and 2006 Studio Fireburst Good idea or no?
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    Ngd .... traded a '15 Studio for an '06 Studio

    Traded a '15 Manhattan Midnight Studio for an '06 Fireburst Plaintop...I prefer the '59 Rounded neck to the widener slim taper, Fireburst to the blue and oddly enough I like the 490/498 pickups better than the 57's ... also no pcb in the 06...tho I'm not convinced that it's all that different.
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    Les paul studio 2015 - should I trade my strat for one?

    Was thinking of trading my american standard strat for a 2015 Les Paul Studio ... thoughts?
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    Flanger Recommendations?

    Been thinking about getting a flanger...need something with a small footprint cuz I'm running out of space on my board Was looking at the tc vortex, mxr micro flanger...or maybe getting something a bit pricier like the Sub-Decay Starlight MKII any recommendations? Or comments on the ones I...
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    Strymon Delays

    Was thinking of picking one up What's the consensus on rhe strymon delays (dig, el cap and brigadier)? ... I play mostly 70s to 90s hard rock...think pink floyd/led zepp to metallica/gnr I need to work work dirty and clean with humbucker and singles...and I wanna be able to hit that...
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    Best overdrive for a Mesa Mark V

    Currently I have a maxon od808...was thinking of upgrading cuz it doesn't seem to do what I want it to as well as I want it My freind has a Dr Science Elements and a Wampler Euphoria and both sound great thru my amp I'm looking for a transparent overdrive that can double as a...
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    ibanez ts9 vs maxon od808

    by a twist of fate I've ended up with both of these at the same time...and I've played them for a few days now and I just don't hear an appreciable difference in both overdrive and boost applications there can be only one...who stays and who goes? Each pedal is maybe a year or 2 old
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    Nad ... mesa mark five: 25

    Just amazing :dude: got a single mini rec cab for now...will likely get another shortly to complete the mini stack Sorry pic is flipped...dunno how to rotate it to portrait w my phone
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    1988 Proco Rat w LM308 chip

    All original ... excellent condition ... works perfect ... sounds amazing Anyone interested? $200 obo plus shipping I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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    Squealing BB Pro's

    Posted this in the main forum, but should probably be here apologies for the dbl post....maybe a mod could delete the other thread? Anyway I experienced some squealing feedback on my 2013 Gibson standard this weekend Dunno..maybe its normal cuz I had the amp up pretty high...
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    burstbucker pro microphonic squeal?

    I think I experienced this on my 2013 standard this weekend Dunno..maybe its normal cuz I had the amp up pretty high gain and volume Marshall DSL 15 with gain, presence and volume at about 8 ...if I turn the presence down to 6 it stops, boss noise gate didn't seem to fix it... Is it normal...

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