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    Late 50's Gibson case?

    So, to make a long story a lot shorter, I've got this case in my possession which supposedly is an ES-335 case from 1959. I have zero provenance on the case, the only "history" I have of it is that it was sold together with a guitar claimed to be a '59 ES-335(which most definitely wasn't the...
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    Correct headstock/logo?

    I'm looking for opinions on this headstock in terms of shape, size and logo. Would you say it's correct for a real Gibson? (I might share more details after I get some opinions, but for now, consider only the headstock).
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    I'll be spending a week(!) in Nashville soon and I'd love some tips about stuff to do to pass the time... Throw anything and everything out there and I'll try to keep an open mind :hmm: What's already on my to-do list: Go to a Titans game Go to a Vanderbilt game(not set in stone). Visit...
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    Grand Canyon?

    So, I got a trip to Vegas coming up in early october and one of the things I've promised myself to do is to go see the Grand Canyon. My first thought was to take one of the tours that combine a flight to the Canyon and then a bus ride to the various "hot spots" around the Canyon. But...
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    can be deleted
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    Rattling covers

    I've got two sets of pickups that have rattling covers and my idea for fixing that was to wax 'em... But when I removed the 2nd set I noticed that they are already waxed, albeit very lightly, so that kinda shot my theory out the window. It'll probably remove some of the rattle from my noisiest...
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    Chicago, what's there to do?

    I'm slowly beginning to plan a trip to Chicago this coming fall and I'd love some tips of things to see, do and experience. So what's there to do in Chicago? I'll be there for a week(roughly) and so far the only plan I have is to visit Buddy Guy's place. So, hit me up with other good blues &...
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    NJD: Greco LP Custom

    I'm sure some of you remember that I quite recently bought a junk Greco on YJ with stripped finish. Well, it arrived today, and since I know f*** all about Grecos, I have not idea which model it is, but on the other hand, I'm not sure I care :hmm: The description said the guitar has been...
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    NGD! Tokai LS... 50?

    Tokai is definitely new ground for me, so although I'm pretty confident in calling this an LS-50, I'd be happy to be corrected if I'm wrong :naughty: Should be a 1990 model either way(900-serial, love rock script) Anyway, picked it up about an hour ago, it's currently undergoing some...
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    Going to Tokyo, any tips?

    I know there are quite a few Japan and Tokyo residents here on MLP and probably even more who have been there as tourists. I'll be going on my first trip to Tokyo fairly soon and I'd like some tips of what to do. Although I will do some touristy stuff, the main bulk of the trip will be spent...
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    NJD aka Let's play detective

    Alright, some of you saw that funky firebird I bought and posted in the Orville thread. It arrived today, so let's play detective and try to figure out what it is. No markings anywhere. Pancake construction, two-piece body. One-piece set neck with a scarf joint. Lacquer seems to be...
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    NGD: Aria Pro LS-800

    Thanks to fellow MLP member jkbird59 I got a new guitar today. Once again, thanks dude! He gave me a great deal on this lovely Aria LP and I couldn't be happier with it. Absolutely great condition, a few dings on the back and a small one on the front, but apart from that it almost looks...
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    Belated NGD: Aria Pro II LS-900

    This one arrived about a week ago, and I thought it was about time to share it with you guys on MLP. I bought it not knowing exactly what it was, but once in my possession it was fairly easy to determine the exact model. It's my earliest Aria LP(1977), and although it is a very, very good...
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    Repairing cracks(top & neck)?

    I could use some advice in repairing two cracks in a guitar I currently have at home. The neck crack seems fairly easy to repair, just get some glue in there and press it together. Any suggestions as how to do the pressing bit? The crack in the top is a whole different animal. It's a...
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    Greco pickup?

    I got a 1980's Aria LS in the mail today and after pulling it apart I found an unknown pickup in the bridge position. After talking with MLP member Nikki I could definitely rule it out as an Aria original, and he suggested it could be an old Greco(Maxxon) U-1000. I'm at work so I can only...
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    NGD - Burny (LG-75GR?)

    Right, picked it up today, played it for a bit. I'm happy. In the Burny thread it was speculated that this might be an LG-75GR, and since I know diddley all about Burny's I won't say if they were right or not. I'll let you experts decide from the images I've taken today. Non-original...
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    Late 70s Gibson P90?

    Hey guys, I need some help identifying some P90's that are claimed to be made by Gibson. From what I can tell from images and what I've read on the net there are a lot of similarities. The pickups are the stock ones from an Aria Pro LP copy from 1980. I have two of these guitars, and have...

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