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    Bridge pickup ring screw length?

    So, on a mid-1960's SG, for the bridge pickup, are all four pickup ring screws long? Or are the two closest to the bridge long and the other two short?
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    Doubleneck EDS-1275 Case Wanted Jimmy Page

    Need a case for an EDS-1275 Jimmy Page double neck that will provide good support. Doesn't have to be the exact case Gibson sold it with, just something solid that will fit. I think TKL made one that looks pretty nice. Something like this would work.
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    "Dear Mr. McCarty, I would like to order a guitar..."

    Back in the day, Gibson was pretty open to custom orders, especially for artists. They built all kinds of cool variants that weren't in the catalog. Given the chance, what kind of "custom" electric guitar would you have ordered from Gibson in the late 1950's? I would go for an Explorer...
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    Led Zeppelin to reissue albums with unreleased content

    It's real. Jimmy's doing something. Never though I would see the day. If you're hardcore you probably heard some of the "unreleased" material already. Led Zeppelin Announce the Release of Their First Three LPs Remastered With Unreleased Songs, to Come Out in June | Music News | Rolling Stone...
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    Soundcloud Playlist help

    I'm trying to embed a soundcloud playlist on a website. I made up my playlist by uploading my tracks, there are 12 of them. Whatever I do, the embedded list will only show 8 tracks. I keep trying to upload the missing tracks again, they upload successfully, and then something gets bumped off...
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    Wheeler Dealers is a sham! Ever watch this English fantasy show about cars? The fat one: thinks he's pretty crafty. Alway buying crappy cars cheap. Very good at mind control and keeping his slave in line. His entire profit structure and business plan is based on paying $0...
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    Ebay fees for ending a buy it now before it sells?

    I know the fees have changed a lot lately. If you cancel an auction with bids on it, they charge you fees for 10% of the high bid. Is it the same thing for buy it now? If you end an unsold buy it now early, does ebay charge you a fee? Has this changed recently?
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    How do you refinish an old guitar with dings and edge wear?

    I'm looking for real world examples of how you would deal with a very worn stripped guitar that needs a new finish. There are some deep dings, the headstock edges are all scraped up from leaning against walls. And some wear and chips. Sanding out the guitar until everything is flat is not an...
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    Anybody ever go to Guitar Center in Queens/Long Island City?

    Does anybody ever go to this store in Queens? 34-17 48th Street Long Island City, NY 11101 (718) 278-7777 I need a crazy favor... there is a trashed old Oahu guitar at their store listed at $250. The back is smashed in and I don't think the guitar can be fixed but I'd like to buy the...
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    Need a forum bro in Honolulu

    Anybody in the Honolulu area? Need someone local & reliable to help me out with a guitar favor. I will make it worth your time.
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    90 days have come and gone, Gibson carries on

    The MLP doomsday prophecy did not come true. 90 days came and went on Wednesday. Just like Y2K and The End Of The Mayan Calendar, we waited and nothing happened. Guitar Center is open and everything is on sale. The Gibson Brand Family is still making guitars & synths and still buying other...
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    1970 Fender Deluxe Reverb + Rare Led Zeppelin Vinyl

    Just about the best Les Paul amp you can get. This is a nice, clean, original and great sounding 1970 or 71 Deluxe Reverb. Strong reverb, deep tremelo, amp works great. Currently has a Weber 12F150 installed with a nice cable, but the original speaker & Fender cable are included. SOLD Also...
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    Stinger 1957 Les Paul Junior

    Dang this is tempting. Just listed at Gruhn's for $4500. Looks to be in real nice shape, nice color, and the stinger... mmm.
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    Gruhn hot list 1959 ES-345

    Boy this looks nice. 10K. Long guard '59 with the case. EH6525 Gibson ES-345, 1959, VG++, original PAF humbucking pickups, stereo and varitone, sunburst finish, OHC with pink plush lining......$10000 If it checks out (varitone ring color?), I can't see it lasting long!
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    Danielle Miraglia - acoustic songwriter

    Ever heard of Danielle? Danielle Miraglia - Danielle Miraglia Official Web Site - Home Plays, sings, writes, sounds pretty sweet to me. What a voice! Danielle Miraglia "Pick up the Gun" Danielle Miraglia - YouTube
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    UV Film for house windows to reduce heat

    Summer is on the way. I've got some west facing windows that take a lot of sun in the afternoons and it's starting to get worse. Has anyone ever put any kind of film on the outside of their windows to reflect back some of the light & heat? I'm not sure what to use. Looking for something...
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    AlNiCo Custom with funky serial number

    What do you make of this 50's Custom? 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom | eBay The partial serial number looks unusual. The black finish behind the "62" looks like a different color (darker, blacker) than the rest of the black around it.
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    Slope Shoulder flat tops: J-35, J-45, J-50, SJ

    There's more to life than electric guitars...
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    1968 Goldtop at Gruhn's

    Just passing along the details. Listed today for $9000. Somebody might be looking for one. Commence ripping it to shreds. Also feel free to let us know why Historics are better :)
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    1958 Special Singlecut

    Gruhn has a nice one listed at $7500, just posted today.

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