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  1. Adinol

    Repair of a botched headstock repair

    Greetings all... A customer brought me a Gibson that had a previous headstock "repair" done a few years ago. It was a completely botched repair, attempted by a friend of the customer. I was told the friend supposedly used Gorilla glue and a polymer paint to fix the finish. The previous...
  2. Adinol

    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    Let's see what guitars (or basses) you all bought (or traded in) in the past 12 months. Here's what I brought home.
  3. Adinol

    Share some anecdotes from the work bench

    Let's hear some anecdote from the work bench - luthier or repair. Here's a fairly recent one of mine. Customer comes in to inquire about a setup. I put his guitar on my bench start looking over it and start explaining how his guitar would benefit. I have absolutely no issues if customers...
  4. Adinol

    Ovation Bridge Reglue Nightmare

    Hi friends, A customer brought an Ovation to me, yesterday. The bridge is lifting and needs to be reglued. I've done some research on Ovation bridge reglue jobs in the past and also some research last night. There isn't really any useful information online (that I cold find) that gives me the...
  5. Adinol

    Could Chibsons Ever Become Undetectable?

    If anyone here ever read any of my past comments on Chibsons, then you know how much I hate those things. I want them to disappear off the face of the Earth. However, I am wondering if their quality might ever get so good that they might become undetectable. After all, Chinese manufacturers...
  6. Adinol

    CNC PLEK Combo Idea

    Greetings, I'm not sure if this has already been discussed but it occurred to me that it would be relatively easy to build a CNC PLEK Combo machine. After all, a PLEK is just a specialized CNC. Many builders put together their own CNC's . Has anyone even built a CNC PLEK Combo? Thanks...
  7. Adinol

    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    I assume that most Gibson player prefer Gibson necks with the fret nibs. But I am curious to know what is the ratio of player who prefer them. As for myself, I actually changed my mind about that. In younger years I preferred necks without nibs, but later I changed my mind about that and now I...
  8. Adinol

    Which Gibson Features or Designs You Wish Were Different?

    Greetings, There is this thread, currently, What Do You Like About Gibson? and I thought I'd do a sister thread, "What Don't You Like About Gibson?" but I don't want to discuss any of the Gibson controversy, politics or quality control. I am only interested in standard Gibson features and...
  9. Adinol

    CNC vs. Duplicator - which is better?

    Greetings, Our member nuance97 recently started a thread My New Duplicating Carver and members started debating if a CNC is better than a duplicator. It has been suggested to start a separate thread to discuss this and I think it would actually make an interesting discussion, so here I started...
  10. Adinol

    Bought a Fake Firebird X on eBay

  11. Adinol

    How to Teach the Gibson Bully a Lesson

    As a big fan of Gibson guitars I am very disappointed by the attitudes of the people who run that company. Gibson would be better off spending money on people who would take care of quality control, R&D, etc, than wasting money on jerkoff lawyers who keep suing everyone around the globe. No...
  12. Adinol

    Persistent Fret Buzz

    Greetings, I customer brought in an American Strat to fix fret buzz. The frets were pretty flat from wear and a few frets were high. Jumbo frets. I did some spot leveling with the fret kisser and recrowned all the frets, then polished. The recrowning was done properly, with Sharpie and Z file...
  13. Adinol

    Mini CNC for a Mac

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a mini CNC machine that works well with Macs. I would be using it to rout headstock logos. Thanks...
  14. Adinol

    How to put Chibson out of business

    Hi everyone, I have an idea how we might be able to put Chibson out of business. It is clearly against eBay rules to sell counterfeit goods. Imagine what would happen if one were to order a Chibson, then upon receiving the guitar contact eBay and report that the seller sold you a fake Gibson...
  15. Adinol

    Splitting coils on a PAF

    Greetings, I have a Gibson LP, 1994, that I am thinking of modifying. Specifically, I am thinking of splitting the coils on the PAFs and installing CTS push-pull pots. I know some people object to that, but I just want to discuss the technical aspect of this possible mod. So, basically, I...
  16. Adinol

    Custom Shop Les Pauls With Bad Neck Profiles

    I'm not sure if this issue has already been discussed here, but I've noticed something odd over the stretch of many years. Many of the high end Custom Shop LP's that I've handled have really bad, asymmetrical neck profiles. I can feel this without making any measurement and by simply holding...
  17. Adinol

    Building a Fake Chibson

    So, at this time, I'm not saying that I WILL do it. I'm only saying that I want to do it. I want to build a fake Chibson. For it to qualify as a fake I guess it would have to be built anywhere else, other than in China. In my case it would have to be made in the USA, which is kind of ironic...
  18. Adinol

    Best way to drill holes for tuners on the headstock

    Greetings, I am looking for advice from experienced builders who have learned from mistakes, and so on. It is apparently simple to drill six holes on the headstock, but as with anything else, things can go wrong and there must be some techniques that experienced builders adhere to. I would...
  19. Adinol

    Zero Fret Opinions

    I was wondering what are your opinions on zero frets. As a teenager I had a guitar with a zero fret. That fret had indentations similar to wear that we see on the first three frets. But the frets on that guitar were made of standard material. In other words, not stainless steel. Perhaps with...
  20. Adinol

    Rainbow pickguard idea... question?

    As I am continuing to build that rugged ES-335 for my kid I also keep my kid involved as much as possible, and as much as it is safe. He wants a rainbow pickguard, he says. Then he drew a pickguard with a rainbow strip around it's edge. This gave me an idea. I could build a pickguard with...

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