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  1. CoolRene

    Can’t Be Real - Something Fishy Going On

    Color,+bridge,+ toggle switch = Chinese. Thank you Ali Express :)
  2. CoolRene

    Here is my refinished Les Paul after 4 months of UV exposure.

    Thanks. Very easy: the neck is a highway and the hardware make the pickups sing. Huge resonance...
  3. CoolRene

    NGD! First Custom shop for me.

    Enjoy ! Looks good to me with the pickguard
  4. CoolRene

    Here is my refinished Les Paul after 4 months of UV exposure.

    3 tone naturally light aged Kauer
  5. CoolRene

    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    Relic’d Custom Tele. I sure won’t schlepp my R9 Burst around…;)
  6. CoolRene

    Playing a real deal 1959 Les Paul.

    Just to mention I rather play an R9 that is the closest instrument one can get to a burst, with contemporary appointments and without the TLC you might have to invest in the real deal…
  7. CoolRene

    Playing a real deal 1959 Les Paul.

    I decided to go along with the contemporary version, by the CS. My R9 (as you can see on my avatar) has all the features of a Burst ('59 neck profile, historically correct parts, Alnico III unpotted CustomBuckers, solid but very light mahogany body - 8,26 lb) and the most lovely flamed top I've...
  8. CoolRene

    Anything new in the world of reverb pedals/tanks?

    I like to use Robert Keeley's 30MS Double Tracker; it has the double tracking feature, as well as Slap Back, Chorus and also the very good "Abby" mode (in homage to the Reverb used by George Martin in the famous Abbey Road Studios).
  9. CoolRene


    Plek on an Historic, CS or Vintage Gibson is like chromed plastics on an old Cadillac bumpers... Nothing replaces the eye and the hand of an experimented luthier, that will set your axe up to your requirements. Leave the Plek and CNC to snobs, bling and amateurs...
  10. CoolRene

    Attenuator Suggestions?

    Bad cat unleash v1. Super attenuator. Effects loop and line out integrated can be found for ~ 350 $
  11. CoolRene

    Pale streaks on the fretboard

    Shoudn't have put it in the WashMachine...
  12. CoolRene

    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    A Braz in a bikers' bar ??? You're gonna get it relic'ed in no time...:facepalm: Good luck !
  13. CoolRene

    This is a new one on me.....

    Looks good on my Hot-rodded Tele ;)
  14. CoolRene

    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    You like risk too: imagine that beautiful LP dragging the 3heads in a fall... (shivers...) !
  15. CoolRene

    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    I wasn't into relic'ed guitars until recently. I considered that an instrument had to age naturally and show the wear of its fair use through the years. Until I saw Davy Knowles' Tele. This guit has a particular vibe to it that I immediately felt. So, I decided to assemble a Tele, not quite the...
  16. CoolRene

    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    A ‘69 Norlin I kept for 48 years. A great sounding guitar. The playability was not the best but, most of all, its weight (12 lbs) made me part with it. I now play a great 2012 R9 with CustomBuckers, a ’50s neck that fits my hand perfectly and a lightweight 8,26 lbs of solid mahogany. A great...
  17. CoolRene

    Who also plays bass?

    I do. Fell for a Clover Argo 5 string. Great… but heavy (~12 lbs)!
  18. CoolRene

    Tuning Issues

    Yep. I'd like to mention also Gene Baker, who realised a great headstock on his B3's: very good guitars !
  19. CoolRene

    Tuning Issues

    The design of the Gibson headstock was known for creating tuning issues, although it gets better nowadays. Some stay in tune right from the beginning, some need a little tweak. My advice: 1. wrap the strings around the tuning shaft in the "self-locking way" : first wrap over, all others (not...
  20. CoolRene

    Neck pickup, help me end the madness!

    To me, it's all a question of balance. I've assembled several guitars with different pickups and matched them accordingly. Typically, I think that the very popular Hot Rodded set from Seymour Duncan is quite versatile and probably satisfies a lot of guitarists, but my preference goes to 2xSH...

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