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    New Epi Headstocks...... opinions

    I know there is a lot of positivity around the new headstock, however has anyone seen it in person? I finally saw it in person today at The Music Zoo, and for as much I had loved it in photos, I do not like it in person at all. The bottom of the headstock is just entirely too wide. The new...
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    FT: 2017 Standard Blueberry Burst

    Looking at trade offers for my 2017 Les Paul Standard. I will trade for something of equal value or more. Other LP Standards or Reissues. This has an assymetrical neck with Burstbuckers. Everything as it would come new. Honestly this has seen very little use since I bought it new.
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    Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue R8 2014 Gloss

    Up for sale is this EX 2014 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue. There may be surface swirls or other slight finish imperfections expected of a guitar with very little but some use. Finish: Tea Burst Top: moderately figured flame and grain Body: Mahogony Neck: one piece mahogany hide glue neck...
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    Fret question...

    Does the 12 Classic Plus... have different fretwire compared with a newer Standard or some of the reissues? I have a 12 Classic that when I play it for any extended time, it hurts my fingers, of which I don't have the same issue on any of my other LPs.
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    2017 Gibson Les Paul Blueberry Burst

    I have an AS NEW 2017 Gibson Les Paul Blueberry Burst All case candy, Gibson bench baby picture (1/26/2017), Gibson paperwork, fretboard protector. I recently got this, however want to find a 17 bourbon burst instead. No longer on market... will repost if it goes back up
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    WTB: R0/GO flame top - or maybe an R8 too...

    WTB: R0/GO flame top could be lemon or bourbon or dark burst, trying to see what is out there. thanks. Might also consider an R8 if the neck is on the smaller side.
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    Thread for accuracy and correctness of a potential purchase?

    Hi, is there an existing thread that might help me ascertain whether a potential purchase is in fact a real reissue? Or anyone here willing to help with ID? TIA.
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    EVH Custom users?

    Trying to find out if there are any EVH custom users here. I am a big EVH fan and have a few wolfgangs in addition to my LPs. Looking at adding something and was considering a EVH Custom. Trying to see how they compare to both Wolf's and Les Pauls, ie: weight, comfort, etc. Many LPs I try are...
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    WTB: Les Paul flood in blue

    Looking for a Les Paul Flood in blue, excellent condition. I'm in Islip, NY
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    Gibson Excluse LE Les Paul Standard 50s??

    These specs align with a Traditional more than a standard I'd think.... Does Gibson do this solely to create retailer specific limited runs and confuse us? I've picked up the satin finish guitars in GC recently and love the feel and finish but had wished there was a version with binding. Seems...
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    WTB: Epiphone Elitist Les Paul

    In NYC area. Looking for an brown/tan/amber toned Les Paul Elitist. Thanks.
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    FS: EMBB - Sterling AX40 blue

    Selling a EMBB - Sterling AX40 in blue. Excellent condition. Back of neck has been refinished to remove the laquer and has been oiled. I can text or email photos. Will try to add some this evening. I will also consider trades plus cash toward a Les Paul MIJ, or a Gibson standard (but I...
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    Egnater - Tweaker 15 Head

    Mint condition, barely used. Can send pics to interested parties this evening. Comes as delivered to me, wrapped in it's original packing material etc. Only selling as I got the 40W version for the two channel feature. $275 + shipping, fees included. I have 100% feedback on eBay and...
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    2013 Color Catalog?

    Does anyone have a list of reference regarding colors available on 2013 Les Pauls, Standards and Traditional?
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    Does your epi absolutely fit the bill?

    First let me preface this by saying there is no intent to start some sort of flame war between brands. Some perceive Epiphone as a lesser brand and from a business perspective, I know it's primary function is to fill a price point requirement, and has a secondary service of being a bridge to a...
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    value question? 96 Korean.

    I know we never get back what is put into something, but looking for others to help gauge the value of a Epi I've been trying to sell. It's a 96 Korean made Epi, with a long tenon, nice top, SD's (JB and a PGs) and a nice thin neck. Comes with a gig bag, has a few little nicks but nothing...
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    FS / FT Fender Pro Junior

    I have a mint Fender Pro Junior that never sees use. Looking to sell outright for $300 shipped via PayPal, or will consider a trade towards either a guitar or an amp head, Blackstar maybe..
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    Bass breaker users?

    Is anyone out there using the Fender Bassbreaker series? I've been looking for a new amp, I tried one of the 15W a few weeks ago, and strongly disliked it. I just couldn't get a good tone dialed in. Tried again today at Sam Ash and tried the 7W combo, and absolutely loved it. Now deep...
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    Amp quandary sub 600

    So I just recently sold a fender blues Jr. As great as it sounded and as loud as it was, just wasn't feeling it. I could also never get enough breakup at a low enough volume. I have a pro Jr. that I like but my primary amp has been a super champ xd with a speaker upgrade. Now I'm considering...
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    Elderly Instruments?

    Has anyone ever done business with Elderly Instruments, and if so, how was their service, and more specifically do you know if their used inventory pricing is flexible? Thanks.

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