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  1. st.bede

    Two amps/one hand transportation

    I think there has to be someone else out there that is doing what I am doing. I want to carry my guitar, two amps (small 1x10s approximately 20 pounds each, 9 inches deep, 14 inches tall, side bu side 30 inches long), and my (smallish) pedalboard. I would like to not use a cart. Since...
  2. st.bede

    Any thoughts on the Fender (newish) Tonemaster DR. I am looking for a new portable amp.

    I checked out both the tonemaster Deluxe Reverb and the Twin, when they first cane out. ( I have always really wanted to own a twin but they are just too heavy for me to really use). I a/b them against the real ones. They were really close in tone and feel. At 33 pounds the TMTR was just a...
  3. st.bede

    Question regrading technique

    Maybe this question/concern is crazy? I have been playing all my fingerstyle stuff on my Inuk. The space between the strings are of a size able difference from a guitar. When I go to play guitar my fingers still reach for the Inuk spaced strings. I am working on some stuff that is more...
  4. st.bede

    Here is my story ... not liking the new Gibson

    I Have checked out and played a lot of Gibson guitars, all levels, for many years. (When the whole robot tuner thing happed, I did start playing more teles and strats). The new Gibsons feel rough. I know it is a subjective thing but, I find myself not grabing a gibson when I am at my local GC...
  5. st.bede

    As a rule I never try and fight (fuzz pedal tonality)

    I always set up my gear to find the frequency range pocket. I am not going to overpower the bass, drums, the other guitarist. Things tend to turn to mush when people try and do that. I have a new fuzz pedal, a modded zvex fuzzy mammoth. When I bought it, I was worried it would not cut through...
  6. st.bede

    Help me find a guitar that....

    I have a PRS Hollowbody II that I love. I never play it because I am using my trem a lot. I want to find an axe that is like my PRS (full hollow) thin body but with a bigsby. I can go custom but anything close to 6,000 will kill me. It would be best to stay close to the resale value of my PRS...
  7. st.bede

    What is the best fuzz to hit a (more then mild but not heavily) distorted amp?

    What I need is to go from a 70s sounding distorted amp to 60s raw melt down and a bit ugly fuzz. Help me, Help me, excuse me while I kiss the sky.
  8. st.bede

    Need new PUs

    (Thank you cooljuk) As a perface, I have decided to buy a Jazzmaster. However, for my strat. First Idea (with a higher likelihood then my ither idea): I am going to put in TV Jones T-Armond in the neck and bridge. However I would like a middle PU. Thinking Duncan Duckbuster or a neck SC sized...
  9. st.bede

    Need PUs for strat but looking for a paticular sound

    (For more information please read my other post a few post down). I have a strat with H/S/H routing and not scared to do more routing. What I am looking for is 3 PUs that will give me a round warmish tone with sparkle and bite. The best I have come across is the Klien Firebird Pickups. The...
  10. st.bede

    Wow, I can not figure this simple thing out....

    Sorry... I decided that I was going to forget all about the prostage stuff...
  11. st.bede

    Need PU info, thank you. :)

    I just purchased a Steinberger Spirit because I have been playing a lot of keys, manipulating synths, and tweeking an Octatrack, while playing guitar. The Spirit is small and stays out of the way when I am multitasking. The PU configuration is SC/SC/HB. What I need from the neck PUs is clean...
  12. st.bede

    a few question about amp wieght

    Why is it some amps seem lighter and yet weigh the same as other amps that seem really heavy? I know that a twin is hard to move because the weight is not centered. I wonder if anyone has put the handle on the side and if that made it a little easier to move? When I move my bluesbreaker around...
  13. st.bede

    looking for an amp

    First amp question answered: $ = around $2500 (will spend more for the right amp $5000 max) over 30 years of guitar playing and other music instruments Tone quality Many guitars but typically HBs, I like tight bottom and extended highs, mids smooth to flat (think tones between jazz and rock...
  14. st.bede

    anyone use/own a voodoo lab giggity

    I would love to hear your impressions. I am having a difficult time getting my od (or low gain dirt) to work 100% with my Roland JC40. There is a stridency in the upper highs that I do not want. (10" speakers with the JC is the issue).
  15. st.bede


    Does any one have any cool ideas about how to practice them. I end practicing them in three (or four) "boxes": closed, one or two octaves, stretched one or two octaves, and I guess I would call it, backwards moving frets motion. Sort of like your typical major 7 chord stacked in thirds, where...
  16. st.bede

    self doubt and jazz minor modes

    Yes, it is easy enough to apply some jazz minor modes over a V chord and a i minor chords also seems pretty flexible. However, I have been running some jazz minor modes over "wrong" chords. My theory book says for me not to do such things. I find it very difficult but yet feel that with the...
  17. st.bede

    Twang away and get your sweet sweeps EB VPjr

    Like the title announces:
  18. st.bede

    xotic SP comp

    I forgot to put an add in here... any way, I am selling my SP comp: Peace
  19. st.bede

    most volume sensitive fuzz

    I am running a EHX qtron into an EHX double muff. I like how the qtron effects the level of dirt/fuzz. However, I wish I had more tone control and volume control over the double muff. Also if I could get an even stronger effect as the qtron's filter opens, would be cool. Any thoughts or ideas...
  20. st.bede

    complex speaker choice question

    First, I have used and owned a lot of tube amps (the typical ones and some high end boutique ones). At the same time I have always liked Roland JC120s. I ended up with a JC40 that has two 10 inch speakers. JC amps tend to sound a bit flat (for good and bad) but the JC40 is even more flat. (I...

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