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  1. fretnot

    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    That's Madagascar Rosewood. Very nice fingerboard wood, but not Brazilian.
  2. fretnot

    NGD...2013 R0, the Catalog guitar

  3. fretnot

    NGD: 9 91959 She's a Looker! 60th Anniversary

    Cool piece. Congrats Joe!
  4. fretnot

    NVGD: 1954 Goldtop

    That the one from Southside?
  5. fretnot

    Summer Philly?

    It was smaller, with many dealers having little inventory for sale. Lots of crap, and a ton of acoustics if that's your thing. I know the summer is always less traveled than fall, but I just found it to be lame. I saw dealers packing up early on Sunday between 12 and 1pm, and the show was...
  6. fretnot

    Summer Philly?

    I went by today. Brutal.
  7. fretnot

    Pearly Gates makeover NGD

    That's awesome! Enjoy!
  8. fretnot

    Dave Gilmour's '55 Les Paul nets $447,000 at Christie's guitar auction

    Just watched it. Unreal piece of history.
  9. fretnot


    Please delete.
  10. fretnot

    Painting falling apart??? 2016 R8

    Holy Moses that's some thick nitro.
  11. fretnot

    Got Braz? Dave's does. Looks like they are online dealers again.

    Dave's got these only a couple months ago at the end of 18. And yes, all dealers will soon be allowed to post pics online.
  12. fretnot

    Got Braz? Dave's does. Looks like they are online dealers again.

    Boy, their pictures make it look like a completely different guitar!
  13. fretnot

    Extra holes under jack plate.. what would you do?

    Decided to sell it?
  14. fretnot

    53/54 Re-neck/Re-fin on Reverb....interesting guitar

    That guitar is a mess...and I'm being polite. Maybe they get someone to bite, who knows.
  15. fretnot

    Conversion of 1953 Les Paul

    I'll buy it as is. Then you can go buy one that's already buckered! Problem solved!
  16. fretnot

    FS: VINTAGE Gibson 1953 to 1959 Les Paul Conversion

    Jeezus, Joe. Wet dream material.
  17. fretnot


    Beautiful guitar! And that's one terrific return period from wherever you bought it from. :yesway:

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